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Knitting Instructions, Easy Knitting For Beginners Of All Ages!

Knitting Instructions Blog

My Knitting Projects Gallery - Hopefully Will Get You Inspired!

Knitting Lesson Plan - A 10 Step-Guide To Knitting Lesson For Beginners.

Knitting Supplies and Tools For Beginners

Types Of Knitting Yarns By Weight

Knitting Stitches - How to knit different types of knitting stitches

Knitting Videos - Collection of how to knit videos

Common Knitting Terms - What do they mean?

Knitting Abbreviations Commonly Used By Knitters Easy

Knitting Pattern For Beginners

Easy Children Knitting Patterns

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns - Easy Scarf For Beginner

Women Sweater And Cardigan Knitting Patterns - Easy Pattern For Beginner

Hat And Headband Knitting Patterns - Free Patterns For Beginner

Knitting Stitch Patterns - Variety of stitch patterns for your projects

Knitting Patterns For Home - Easy Patterns For Beginner

Machine Knitting Patterns - Links to free patterns for machine knitting

Download Free Knitting Patterns In PDF here.

Cute Knitting patterns for sale at affordable price.

More Than A Beautiful Lace Scarf - Explore Your Ways Of Beauty

Girl Tunic Top Knitting Pattern - Easy & cute top pattern for girls age 2-6.

short ruffle skirt knitting pattern for girls of various ages

Cute Short Skirt Knitting Pattern For Girls Ages 2-10

Knitter's Paradise Yarn Shop - shop for bargain yarns & knit supplies.

Knitting help - Have A Question? Please submit your question below.

Knitting Tips - Where knitters learn and share their knitting tips.

Knitting Machines For Home Knitting - What is the best knitting machine to buy?

Knitting Magazines - Great Resources For New Knitters Knitting For Charity - A Warming Gift From Your Heart

Related Knitting Websites And Art & Craft Sites

Sitemap For Knitting Instructions

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About Me - Getting To Know Me And My Passion & Love For Knitting.

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Knitting Pattern Submission - Share Your Beautiful Knitting Project Here!

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Easy Recipes Around The World

Lupus - An Autoimmune Disorder

What is Lupus ? - Learn about signs, symptoms and treatments of Lupus.

Casting On (cast on) Knitting - Learn How To Cast On Knitting Stitches

Increase Knitting : Step-By-Step Guide How to Increase Stitches

How To Decrease Knitting Stitches , K2tog, P2tog, SSK, SKP

Cable Knit - How To Knit Cable Stitches

Ribbing Knitting - How to knit ribbing stitches

How To Binding Off (casting off) Knit And Purl Stitches - Knitting Instructions

Loose Lattice Lace Pattern - Another Pretty Lace Knitting Stitch Pattern

Single Cast On Knitting

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Spiced Fish - Baked fish in Thai spices, coconut milk on top of banana leaves.

Sesame Shiitake - A Healthy Delicious Side Dish

Placemat Knitting Pattern - An easy to knit placemat for beginners

Cute Scallop Vest For Girls - Free Vest Knitting Pattern

How to fit in all the stitches instructed by pattern

Honeycomb Check Stitch Question

Delicious Slow Cooking Pork Taco (canitas) - It Worths The Wait!

Oxo Ripple - An Interesting Cable Stitch Pattern

Crossing Leave Neck Warmer - Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

Mop Covers - Knit Your Own Mop! Free Knitting Patterns

Lattice Stitch Knitting Pattern

Korean Yam With Honey Dressing

Knitted Cast On - Learn How To Cast On With Pictures & Video

Advantage Of Increasing And Decreasing In Cable Knitting

Ground Beef Chili - It's not a typical chili recipe you see everyday.

Easy Summer Knitting Pattern Girl Skirt In Simple Stockinette Stitch

My first knitted sweater

Finished a Go Green Market Bag!

Adorable Short Skirt For Girls & Toddlers

Girl twirly skirt

Fluffy Short Skirt With Lacy Edge

Glam Girl Short Ruffle Skirt

My First Knitted Neck Warmer

Simple White Clutch (small bag)

Beautiful Hand-knitted Red Flowers (Roses)

My Adorable Short Skirt Long Tail Cast On Method - Beginning Knitting Instruction

Awesome! Easy! fun!!!!

How Do I Pick Up And Knit Stitches Along The Edges?

Wool in Winchcombe.

Looking For a Pattern For Gedifra Rosas Wool

Yarn Over : How To Knit Increase stitche using yo

Easy Lacy Headband - Beginner Lace Knitting Pattern

What does knit over knit mean?

joining with circular needles

Wrong Side -What does it mean?


How To Knit One Below


Knitting Abbreviations For ipad Downloading

Free Halloween Knitting Patterns - My top 14 picks

Striped Baby Cocoon With A Matching Hat

Very Cute Very Easy Baby Booties And A Matching Hat

Easy & Fast To Knit Eyeglasses Case - Free Pattern Available

Mitered Coaster - An Easy Knitting Project in less than a day!

A Colorful All-Purpose Mat - A Quick One Skein Knitting Project For Your Home

Little Miss Claus - Every Girl's Dream Dress

Halloween Candy Bag - Cute Boo! Bag For Your Little One

Pretty Lacy Edge - Knitting pattern

Measurements for Girl Skirt In Simple Stokinetter Stitch

Adorable Short Skirt For Toddlers & Girls Comments

Knitting Pattern Kitamu Cup Cuddler - Half Brioche Stitch

Puff Daddy Knitted Stool - A Garter Stitch Handknitted Norwegian Stool Pattern

Adorable Short Skirt For Toddler and Simple Stockinette Skirt

School Vest With Fancy Cross And Cable Panel - Free Vest Knitting Pattern

Boy And Girl Vest Knitting Pattern - A lovely unisex cable vest for children.

Feather and Fan Summer Top For Girls - Free Easy Knitting Pattern

Sparkling Pink Skirt - A lovely short skirt for girls age 2-4.

Pink Scallop Edge Skirt - Very Cute Girls' short skirt knitting pattern

Very Cute Short Skirt For Toddlers and Girls - Free Skirt Knitting Pattern

Cute Short Skirt With Lacy Edge - Super Easy Knitting Pattern For Beginners

Hat Knitting Pattern For Girls or Boys

Strawberry Twirl Hat With A Matching Hat For American Girl Doll Bitty Baby

Bag Knitting Pattern - Beaded-Heart Shoulder Bag For Girls

How to cast on 2 colors-star headband

Adorable baby pattern I - Ads giving me a nightmare

Sweet Valentine Cowl - Perfect For Every Occasion

Emerald Shoulder Shrug With Diamond Lace Edging

Pretty In Pink Scarf - Very Easy Scarf For Beginners

Lunar Azul - A Stylish Scarf With A Touch Of Lace & Ribbing

Get Ready For A New Year Party With This Warm And Luxurious Alpaca Scarf

Accidental Cowl - This Was Not Suppose To Happen!

Big Triangle Shawl With Lacy Edge - Knitting Pattern For Everyone

Woman Pullover Raglan Sweater For Beginner - Free Knitting Pattern

Beginner Woman Raglan Sweater pattern

Easy Slouchy Hat I Called "Do A Little Twist Slouchy Hat"

Gardener Headband/Sweatband For Him And Her - Free Knitting Patterns

Seriously, There Are 320 Stars On This Headband!

Cute Headband With A Bow - A Must Have Head Accessory For Your Girl

Easy Bobble-Cable Headband For Kids and Adults

Fishtail Hat - A Chunky and beautiful hat to warm you up.

Star Stitch Pattern - Easy Knitting Stitch Pattern

Dishcloth Knitting Patterns - 41-Stitch-Dishcloths In 3 Lacy Patterns

Celtic Plait - A Beautiful Cable Knit Pattern

Feather Lace Stitch Knitting Pattern - What not to love!

Fishtail Lace Knitting Stitch Pattern

Cell Stitch (cellular) - A Pretty All-Over-Lace Knitting Pattern

Lace Edging Knitting Pattern and Chart

Easy To Knit Eyelet Edging - Great For Many Home Projects

Eiffel Tower Stitch Pattern - An easy pattern to knit and cute too!

Pretty Bookmark With Laces - A Perfect Gift For A Booklover

My First Felted Basket - Felting Couldn't Be Easier

Beautiful 3-Color Pot Holders - Add A Little Jazz To Your Kitchen!

Girl Tank Top Knitting Pattern - A Cute Summer Tank For Girls

Big Chevron Scarf - easy knitting pattern

Potato Chip Scarf - Easy Ruffle Scarf Knitting Pattern

Lacy Zigzag Scarf - Easy To Knit And Beautiful Lace Scarf

Feather and Fan Neck Scarf - Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

Add On Ribbing To A Completed Sweater

Question Regarding Cupcake Skirt Pattern on

Back shoulder neck binding off

Confused with the CO instructions.

How do I keep same amount of stitches'

Breaking yarn and rejoining

When To Start Counting Rows For X Instruction Every Y Rows

How do you make an open ladder stitch? A specific sweater in referenced.

What is the best way to start a new color at the beginning of a row?

Reading a pattern Should I increase every row?

Does "sm" stand for "slip marker"?

Cast-On Edge Rolling On Scarf

How to change color yarn using 3 Double point needles (DPNS)?

How to k1, p1 in yo, k1 ?

How to slip 1 knitwise/purlwise

How do I knit this row?

the strings on the edge of added color rows at end of project

How do I knit intarsia on a circular needle?

Is Yf (yarn forward, yarn in front) a form of increase knitting ?

Baby blanket beginner!!

Understanding A Pattern Instruction - C2K or C2B

What is insert needle under next horizontal loop of row below and knit?

How do I know what the next stitch I do after cast off in shoulder shape

I don't understand the scarf instructions

How to K1,P1,K1 into the next stitch


Stitch Question - Knitting Pattern

Yarns that can be substituted for DK wool for an indoor shawl

Need Help Explaining Yf (yarn forward), Knit 4

Yarn Forward (yf)

Circular Needles - How to figure out needle size.

Chair Sock Pattern - Looking for a chair sock pattern for protecting my floor.

How to Read Knitting Pattern - Starting A New Knitting Project

6 X 6 rib - the first knit stitch is always really loose - help please!

Please Help! Want To Know How to Knit Frock or Sweater.

How to read a knitting pattern

How to K1,yo,K1

How to pass sts from left needle over st at tip of right needle

Are my needles the problem?

What is the meaning of 'Dec 1 st at each end of next 3 rows'?

Help me please.

Baby Afghan - How To Decrease And Turn It Into A Square

Increase in K1 (W2): K1, k into front and back of YO

Shall I keep increasing on the odd Rnds?

Circular Knitting - Counterclockwise to Clockwise

How To Prevent Curling Edges In Knitting

Yfwd (yarn forward), Knit 3

Turning Work - Short Row Knitting

ripping from beginning

Not Enough Stitches For The Pattern

Decreasing Every Alternating Row

Casting off stitches Casting On In The Middle Of A Project

how to measure sleeve Pick Up (Stitches) And Purl

Fingerless gloves knitted in the round

sleeve question

What does k1, p1, k1 in next 2 sts mean?

Gold On Yarn Problem

Explain Seed Stitch Direction Please

Stitches Have Unraveled

Decreasing Stitches On Circular Needle

How do I knit Double slip stitch

Determine Yarn Amount


Garter Stitch Border on Double Knit Afghan

Gauge is fine

What do I do with yarn over?

How to make loop on a hat

I cannot find definition or video for an abbreviation "kwtog"


K1, P1, K1 for lining under the sleeve.

Picking Up Stitches

How do I add stitches back on to the needle from the stitch holder

How To Handle Xs On Knitting Graph

Following a pattern.


Commuter Fingerless Mitten - Starting the Flap

Following Lion's shawl pattern L32288

I am a beginning knitter for charity

How Do I Pick Up A Dropped Stitch?

End Knitting In The Round With 3 Needle Bind Off

Fishtail Hat Pattern Sock cuff problem

Taking Increased Stitches Into Pattern (Increases Every 4th Row)

How To Interpret These Instructions For A Sweater

Aralyn's pants how to slip 1 st knit wise on 1st row

Double knitting ear warmer

yfwd yrn

knitted 16 piece sweater

Work 13 sts in pat and place sts on hold....

How to make a slip knot for cast on

How many times do I knit

What will this look like when i follow the instructions?

Psso confusions

How To Knit This Row - k1,*p1,k4, (k1,yfwd,k1) all in next stitch, k4, rep from* once, p1,k1.

How do I change colors of yarn in knitting?

I cord attachment to mitered bag already on circular needle.

I accidentally picks up stitches

Knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts

complicated casting off

Could you show me how to do MB (Make Bobble) stitches?

How to knit (yfwd. K1) twice?

Ending with a right side row in a sweater pattern.

Cable CO

With yarn in front how do I knit a stitch

Substitute 2 Strands of #4 Yarn For #5 Yarn

what is an "edge stitch"?

dropped stitches

How do I knit this row?

finishing neck edge picking up stitches and knitting

Not enough stitches

Cluster 2tog made

(k1. P1. K1.) in next st

Question on my knitting pattern

Substitute Size US #10 Needle For Size #11 US

How to add ruffle to Glam Girl Ruffle skirt.

Knitting as it appears

Drop A stitch

How to increase at the end of a row when doing the seed (moss) stitch.

How To Design A Knitted Hat

Extra Yarn - Louisa Harding Yarn

circular needle knitting

What is "yrn" ?

joining live stitches from 2 needles

How do I start this first stitch?

Problem With Curled (Rolled) Edges

How to read pattern k4. (k2tog)twice

How To Pick Up Bands On A Sweater

Trying to knit socks

In which rows am I increasing?

What is gauge for head hugger pattern #6?

Problem With Rolled Edges

Pattern For 28 Stitches Hat In Short Rows

What are Texture stitches?

knitting with double point needles

How to read the pattern

Glam Girl Ruffle Skirt - customizing length and waist.

Not Sure How To Read Pattern - Knitting A Baby Ponco

Size 10.5 needle rather than 11 needle

Confused about a set up row for a baby blanket

Shaping sleeve top

How do I pick up sts and knit along left front edge of sweater?

Frogging Seed Stitch

How do I purl ?

How To Do Four Stitch Decrease

Learning Lace - How to pass the 2nd through 5th over the first

How do you use circular needles?

Help on knitting sleeves

yarn over between a knit and a purl stitches

What does row n + 1 and row n + 2 mean?

Fingerless Mittens - Need Help Reading A Pattern

Problem with Half Fisherman's Stitch (Rib)

How do I work Bind off 4 stitches at beginning of the next 6 rows?

How to do garter stitch and chain stitch edges.

Need Help With Knitting Pattern

What is the difference between a yarn over and a yarn around needle?

circular knitting when item starts getting very narrow

How To P1-YO-P1 Into The Same YO st of Previous Row - Lacey Knitting Pattern Question Increase Knitting - Make 1 right and make one left stitch

The directions say to join and place marker. What does join mean?

How do I increase in a rib pattern? yrn and yo in the same pattern

Wrapping Technique When Turning At The End Of A Row

What is Double Knit Weight (DK) yarn?

How To Follow A Pattern - Cardigan Sleeve Increse Stitch While Ribbing

Need help finding patter - a frilly border baby cardigan for girl

Increase Knitting - How do I increase a sleeve?

Five-Stitches Increase Knitting - How To k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 In The Same Stitch

How To Make The First Slip Stitch Look Nice And Neat

Completed gorgeous Afghan Needs To Be Longer

purling into back of stitch

Question on the short skirt pattern (Baby Mia Double Eyelet Rib)

How To Make A Slip Stitch Knitwise And Purlwise

Confusing Knitting Pattern!! ("Make 1" stitches...)

Knitting Help - End Stitch Won't Rip Out

Increase Kintting: How to knit 1 purl 1 in the same stitch

How can "Yarn forward or YF" increase a stitch?

Leaving A Stitch Unworked - Shrug Knitting Pattern

How To Increase Stitches - Knitting Pattern Help

Moving Marker In Circular Knitting - Spiral Pattern

Help with knitting pattern How to knit in front and back of stitch

Knitting Term and abbreviation - What is "slipw"?

Does my pattern have to be symmetrical to be reversible scarf?

How to pick up stitches and knit socks' gussets

How do I end a piece? Is it casting off?

What is yarn forward?

Need help explaining pattern

Need more information on knitting pattern

How much wool (yarn) do I need to knit an Aran sweater?

Knitting Help - Need help with picking up stitches

How to add a hood to an exiting sweater pattern

How to Make an M1 Stitch In Knitting

Knitting Abbreviation - What's "yon" mean?

A Clever Homemade Yarn Canister Helps Keep A Ball Of Yarn In One Place

Knitting Tip - How much yarn to leave when making long tail cast on

Ultimate Sweater Machine

Knitting Machine Problem - Carriage wheels locked on model 155 Kitmaster

Donate Knitted Items To Your Local Animal Shelter

Knitting For Charity

Afghans4afghans/Knit-A-Square/Mittens for Akkol

Free Masters Courses Ebooks - Turn Your Passion Into Business

Digital Photos - Beautiful photos taken with iPhone camera

Cable Cast On Knitting Method - An Easy Instruction For Beginner

Knitting Instructions, Easy Knitting For Beginners Of All Ages!

How Much Yarn To Use In Scallop Edge Skirt

Easy Knitting Newsletter, Issue #006. March, 2012.

Potato Chip Scarf - Can it be knitted with a thinner yarn?

Diamond Panel - Lace Stitch Knitting Pattern

Delicious Cabbage Soup - Healthy and yummy soup for everyone!

Faggotted Rib - Rib Stitch Knitting Pattern

Fun Eyelash Easy Scarf - My First Furry Scarf

Corded Rib - Another Pretty Pattern Of Rib Knitting Stitch

Ribbon Scarf - A light, airy Summer Wear

Easy Striped Summer Scarf - Mix & Match Your Favorite Yarns & Color?

Blue Scallop-Edge-Skirt

Scallop Edge Skirt Help - Won't get 221 sts at the end of row 5.

Heart-Healthy Blueberry Bran Muffin With Flex Seed

10 relaxing activities I enjoy doing and they help me cope with Lupus.

Cotton Candy Ruffle Skirt

Lavender Scallop Edge Skirt For Julia

So Cute Cotton Candy Ruffle Skirt

Scallop Edge Skirt - What am I missing?

What is YF stitch?

Question About YF in Scallop Edge Skirt

Wondering...How can I make the skirt fits 32 inch waist?

Pink Scallop-Edge Skirt in Blue

Comments for Adorable Short Skirt For Girls & Toddlers

Comments for Girl twirly skirt

Comments for Ultimate Sweater Machine

Comments for Knitting Machine Problem - Carriage wheels locked on model 155 Kitmaster How do I cast off of the potato chip scarf?

Yarn Forward on Rustic Potato Chip Scarf

Single Lace Rib Pattern - Pattern Mistakes

Sweetie Pie's 3rd birthday

Sophia's 2Year Old Birthday Skirt

How to finish the end of Potato Chip Scarf

Feather and Fancy Lacy Neck Scarf

Comments for My first knitted sweater

Comments for Finished a Go Green Market Bag!

My girls LOVE this skirt! Evelyn's Scallop Edge Skirt

Scallop Skirt In Orchid Cotton Thank you for a straight-needle girl's skirt!      

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