Long Tail Cast On - Knitting Instruction For Beginner

Long tail cast on is one of the most popular cast on methods among knitter.  I learned this technique from my friend at knitting group.  I really like to use this cast on for almost everything because it look beautiful and snuggle.

Here is a step-by-step instruction of how I do it!

forming slip knot

1. Make a slipknot about 10 inches from the end of yarn.

long tail cast on bring slip knot to needle

2. Slip the knot on to a needle of your right hand.  This counts as your first stitch.

long tail cast on: holding yarn with left hand

3. Hold both ends of yarn in you left hand.

left thumb and index bewteen yarns in long tail cast on

4. Place left thumb and index finger between both strains as show.

holding yarn to form V shape in long tail cast on knitting

5. Slowly rotate your left hand upward while holding on to both strains with three left fingers.

needle through loop in long tail cast on

6. Insert needle through the left thumb's loop from underneath yarn.

long tail cast on- right needle over yarn on index

7.Continue bringing the needle over to the top of first strain of yarn on index finger.

pull loop through

8. Bring the yarn through the thumb's loop with the needle and gently pull away your thumb leaving new stitch on the needle. 

long tail cast on row

9. Now you've made a new stitch with long tail cast on.  Adjust and tighten the yarn so that the stitches look uniform.  Do not over tight.

10. Repeat step 3-8 until you have desired number of stitches.
Take time adjust yarn tension as needed.

Tip: Leave 1 inch of yarn per one stitches before casting on.

For example, if you want to cast on 20 stitches of long tail, you need to make a slipknot at approximately 20 inches away from the end of yarn.  Many times I found myself ran out of yarn before gotten all of my stitches done in the past! 

A happy note from a new knitter who makes my day!

"Hey!  I just wanted to tell you how awesome your site is!  I'm really excited because I *FINALLY* mastered the long tail cast on method thanks to your tutorial! You ROCK!  :)" - Nikki, USA.

Long Tail Cast On - Knitting Instruction Video For Beginner

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