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On this page visitors can find free children knitting patterns created by myself and others.  My first easy knitting pattern page is getting too long and causing too much time to load the page.  My plan is to make each page into specific category instead of mixing them all up.   Hopefully, this will create a better user experience.  I'm still experimenting it, so bear with me.

In the mean time, enjoy these children knitting patterns.  If you have any suggestion or a pattern you want me to add to this page, please let me know by using submitting form below.  Happy Knitting!

Pumpkin hat 

A very cute pumpkin hat with leaf and stem.  

Added Oct 8, 2020

Sweet Candy Corn Hat for baby You'll love making this hat as much as you like eating candy corn!  It's a must knit hat for Halloween.

 Added March 6, 2019.

Super easy, Super cute baby and child hat

Super cute baby and child hat pattern.  Perfect for a child age1-3 or even 4. The yarn is very elastic and comfy.  A must try hat!

Watch this video if you decided to make one of the skirts below and don't quite know how to add an elastic band to the waist.  I think it will help a lot.

 Little Miss Claus Holiday Dress/Costume - knit this pretty red dress for your girl for upcoming holiday or costume party.  You'll be the fave one.

school vest

Fancy cross and cable school vest

available in size chest 25" only at this time.

Unisex cable vest

A lovely vest pattern for boys and girls age approx 3-8 year-old. Available in 3 sizes (22, 25 and 27").

Cute Girl Summer Tank Top

Just can't seem to get away with purple yarn. This is another nice soft hand dyed cotton/bamboo yarn I love. The tank is fun to knit and my little girl loves it. She even picked out her own teacup and teapot buttons!

Feather and Fan Summer Top For Girls

Just finished this one in time for hot Summer days. This tank is pretty easy to knit. Just need a little patience and concentration on the pattern. I love the little bow added on to the front.

Beautiful Scallop Vest For Girls

This is my 2nd vest pattern I have designed. It was much easier to knit this vest than to write the pattern. Thanks to one of our visitors who had asked for a vest to match with the scallop-edge skirt. It's pretty cute, I think. You can wear it with or without the matching skirt. It turned out just what I had picture in mind. Give it a try. I think you'll like it.

pink skirt

Sparkling Pink Skirt ***Added*** 11/19/12

A cute little skirt for girls age 2-4. It has a lace diamond border on the bottom part of it. You can also add crochet edging to it as well.

Pink Scallop Edge Skirt * The most popular skirt on and off the site so far.

My youngest twin daughter requested a pink skirt. This scallop edge skirt was the result of her request. I really like the look of the edge - curvy and crochet-like stitches. It one of my favorite designed and it's really easy to knit.

Baby Mia Short Skirt

This short skirt is perfect for any little girls. It has a nice lacy touch on the top portion. Add a flower to it if you like. I knitted this one for my niece's two years-old daughter, Mia.

Girl Twirly Skirt For School Uniform

I knitted this twirly skirt for my daughter as a school uniform. The skirt looks very nice, but a little bit disappointed in the yarn.

Adorable Short Skirt For Toddler

A cute and simple to knit toddler skirt knitted in rounds. It's perfect for summer outing.

Easy Summer Skirt for girl

This is another skirt I designed for my twins. It's very easy to knit. My daughters just love it.

Lacy edge skirt

Simple knitted short skirt with preexisting lace sew on the lower edge.

Sweet Independence Day Hat

Girl or boy hat in blue with red rolled edge. Finishing touch for a girl's hat with little white crochet flowers. You can make this out of left over yarn and finish in a day or two.

strawberry twirl hat

Strawberry twirl hat with a matching hat for American girl doll bitty baby.

I love looking at my girl wearing this hat.  It's so sweet and cute!

Cute and Handy Heart-Beaded Shoulder Bag For Girls

A bag every girl must have! Easy to knit small shoulder bag for small and big girls. The beads are knitted in the body of the bag to form a heart shape. Your girl will fall in love with this cute and handy shoulder bag.

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