Sweet Chunky Candy Corn Baby Hat

This candy corn hat is made to fit a new born and up to a year old child.  The chunky yarn I used in this picture is called "Softee Chunky" by Bernat.  But you can use any chunky yarn you have in yellow, orange and white.  It's knitted in rounds.  I've tried magic loop at first but it got harder as it got narrower, so I changed to double pointed needles instead.  

Candy Corn Baby Hat For a Newborn to a year old Child

I woke up this morning thinking what should I knit next.  Then I thought of up coming Halloween and how much we're going to miss going out for trick-or-treat this year (2020) due to COVID pandemic.  Then all these beautiful gold and yellow colors of Fall ran though my head.  I thought of my baby pumpkin hat I made last year and how much I enjoyed making it.  The best of all is to know how my neighbor's son love wearing it.  He wouldn't go to bed with out a pumpkin hat for months.

Then I thought why don't I make another Halloween or Fall related hat again.  I went though my stash and found just what I wanted -- chunky yarn in orange, yellow, and white.  Lucky day, I thought.    I sketched out a pattern and started working on the candy corn hat this morning while watching Transplant ( a new medical drama show).  Then the kids came running down from upstair.  They're taking ten minutes break from distance learning and asking me to get them pizza for a treat.   Anyway,   that's how mom's life goes.  I hope you give it a try with this quick and easy project.

Materials Needed For Candy Corn Hat

This hat weighs 53 g.  So, I would say 20 g of each yarn in yellow, orange and white will do the job.

Gauge: 3 sts/inch on 6.5 mm needle over st stitch.

1. Chunky yarn in yellow color.

2. Chunky yarn in orange color.

3. Chunky yarn in white color.

4. Double pointed needles size 5.5 mm (US # 9) for the ribbing.

5. Double pointed needles size 6.5 mm (US #10.5) for the body.

6. Big eye needle (tapestry needle)

7. Scissors.

8. Stitch marker.

Direction for Making Candy Corn Hat

With small dpn and a yellow yarn, cast on 48 sts and divide them on to 3 needles like this;

needle #1 - 18 sts

needle #2 - 18 sts

Needle #3 - 12 sts

Place a marker and joint stitches in a circle.  Begin ribbing 1x1 by knit 1 purl 1 for about an inch.

Then change to a 6.5mm needle and knit every row for another inch or so.  Now you've work about 2 inches from a cast on.

Change to an orange yarn and knit until the piece measures 3.5 inches.  Begin decrease as follow.

Next round (1st decrease round): *k4, k2tog; repeat from * to end of round.

Knit 3 rounds even without decreasing.

Next round: (2nd decrease round): *k3, k2tog; repeat from * to end of round.

Knit 1 round in orange.

Change to a white yarn and knit 2 rows.

Next round (3rd decrease rnd): *k2, k2tog; repeat from * to end of a round.

Continue in white for 3 more rows and then do the next decrease as follows;

Next round (4th decrease and): *k1, k2tog; repeat from * to end of a round.

Continue to knit 5 more rounds and then do decrease as follow;

Next round (5th decrease and): *k2tog; repeat from * to end of round.

Knit 2 more rows straight and cut yarn leaving 10 inches tail.  

Thread a tail through a big eye needle and run the yarn through all the loops a few times and pull it tight.  Secure it inside the hat by running it under stitches.  Trim off excess and you're done!

Let me know how it turns out.  You can customize the hat to get a bigger size by adding a multiple of 6 sts. and adjust the length of the colors as you like.   

Thanks for visiting!

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