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Knitting Patterns For Sale - PRIZE CUT!!

Looking for super cute and easy to knit ruffle skirt or a more complex pattern like Jade skirt or lacy shawl?  You can find them here.  I love making skirt for the girls since they were two.  So far I only have time to make a few patterns for sale. The rest of them you can get for free at Knitting Pattern Page. Here are the three lovely patterns available to buy now.

Spring Lace Scarf - This very light and airy spring scarf/shawl is one of my favorite projects I made.  It surely would be a great gift for that special person!  You can download PDF file at a affordable price of $3.99 at my Etsy shop.

Read more detail about Spring Lace scarf at;

Sweet Paris Girl Top $2.99

Click here to read more about this girl top pattern.

Glam Girl Ruffle Skirt $3.99

Click Here to read more about this ruffle skirt pattern.

Jade diamond short skirt

Jade Diamond Skirt $3.99 

Click Here to go to information page regarding Jade Diamond Short Skirt.

Buy this pattern Etsy shop.

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