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About Me & My Love For Knitting

I'm just a typical mom like the rest of moms in the world. I enjoy cooking, painting, drawing, traveling, singing, photographing and my all-time favorite hobby, knitting.

I am married to an American Anthropologist and we live in a comfy little house in a little town in Maryland and recently we have moved to Bellingham, WA.  We have been married for 25 years and have beautiful 8 years-old twin daughters. When the girls were born in 2006, I ended my career in nursing and decided to stay home with my kids. I'm lucky to be able to care for my twins full time at home and work on my knitting website.

My fondness of knitting began way back when I was a young girl living in Thailand. (Did I say...Thailand. Who wear knitted sweater in Thailand?) I didn't learn to knit just yet then. I saw my classmate in high-school working on scarf, a blue scarf which looked like a bow when she put it around her neck. I loved the clicking sounds of metal needles and the way the knitting stitches embraced one another. Most of all, I love the idea of making something useful and beautiful out of sticks and twine. It was fascinating to me then and is even more fascinated to me now after over 20 years of my knitting experiences.

I wanted to learn how to knit but I didn't quite get into it until I moved to the United States when I was 20. I started studying for a nursing career but I was so lonely being away from my Thai family and I was homesick for the first 2 years. I was happily married but my husband couldn't help me from being homesickness. Moreover, In 1992, I found out I had Lupus, an autoimmune disorder. That was 2 years after I got to the United States. Stressed! That's what got me. I was stressed from school work and stress from being sick. (read about my Lupus story Here)I need ways to keep my stress down.

Lucky for me, one day I found a knitting kit at Woolworth store in Baltimore while looking for crochet yarn. I bought it and studied the basic knitting instructions in one day. At the end of the day, I learned how to knit a SCARF! It was a very simple, easy knitting scarf pattern, but I was so excited. I was really into these knitting stitches. I lost track of time and I forgot about everything else. All I want to do was knit. I could hardly wait to knit more. I was happy and stress free for a change! I bought Vogue knitting magazine and knit my first sweater using Vogue's knitting pattern. The pattern was for intermediate knitting. I read the pattern by myself and completed my sweater just as it like looked in the magazine. I proudly wore my very first white sweater to my clinical practice during my nursing school training. I was so proud. Since then, I never stop knitting. I kept on searching for more patterns to knit.

Now I belong to a knitting group in my neighborhood that meets every month. My knitting friends are really good cook. We took turns bringing snacks to our knitting sessions, and now that our meeting time has moved to noon, we have decided to have lunch together before we knit. I think we should name our knitting group "feast and Knit!" or "knit with feast",or something like.

Before I wrap up, I want to mention Solo Build It or SBI a little bit. SBI truly my mentor guiding me every step of the way to build and create this website (and of cause, my wonderful husband who helps me with editing!) SBI's supportive community is superb. Without SBI, this site wouldn't be born. I had built a website in the past, but nothing like this. It's impossible for me to explain it all here. I just have to let other SBIers tell you about it in the videos below.

Thank you for visiting and have a happy knitting!
Ratcha Chambers,

A creator of Learn Knitting Stitches www.to-knit-knitting-stitches.com and your knitting friend!

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