Beautiful Digital Photos Of Flowers and Landscaping Taken With iPhones

I love digital photos, don't you? No waiting time, no printing required and you can create many projects with them. Photography is another favorite hobby of mine beside knitting, cooking, and painting.

Everyone seem to have digital camera or camera phones these days. Even my 5 years-old twin know how to use them. We've got more pictures than we ever needed. Luckily there are so many places online where you can store digital photos for free or buy image hosting such as photobucket or flickr. 

An image of a lack near my home I took one foggy morning.  This one was taken with DSLR cam

Here Are Some Sample Photos I Took Using DSLR Nikon D3300

When I first started building this website, I didn't really have a good camera to use for my closeup photo shot. I was debating between getting a good digital camera and a new iphone 4S. I ended up getting the iPhone.

I find that this new smart phone is perfect for taking closeup images. I used it a lot for my knitting photos. After I got the phone I started taking many pictures of landscape and flowers during my morning dog walking. I admitted I was going crazy after awhile during this past Spring. Everything was starting to pop out of the ground and looked so pretty. Each walk I would snapped about 40-50 photos at least. 

Crown Of Thorns

First I just couldn't remember what the name of this lovely plant with little red flowers was. Then later it was pointed out by my visitor in the comment below that this plant is called "Crown Of Thorns". Thanks so much!

North American Flowers Slide Show

These are pictures of flowers I took while taking a walks around my neigborhoods when I was living in Maryland

These Flowers Below are Taken When I Moved to Washington State

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