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Welcome to machine knitting patterns page. This is where you can find links to many free machine knit patterns. I love hand knitting, but there were times when I would pull out my Bond USM (Ultimate Knitting Machine) and knitted up some quick projects. It comes to handy when you want to knit something fast like a scarf or a last minute gift that look like you spend your whole life knitting it. I often dream about owning one of those fancy knitting machines and knit myself every outfit. My closet will be filled with beautiful knitted tops, skirts, scarfs, shawls and socks. And....who knows what else!

Update: 1/31/20 - Now my dream has came true!  I own a punch card knitting machine!!!  It's not the fanciest but I love it.  It's a Taitexma by a Taiwanese company.  They are making replica of brother knitting machine (legally, of course).  Everything looks just like brother even the manual.  I'm sure I will have a fantastic time with my new machine.

Here are links to machine knitting patterns

Baby sweater - This is a beginner sweater that you can knit on machine.   Apparently I'm not the only one that came up with this idea.  I added an intarsia of 2 little ducks on the water and a heart. You can find a similar pattern of this baby sweater at; or at;

Shawlette with leaf edge - This is a simple shawlette than enhanced with  a beautiful  leaf edging.

Harvest Shawl - My first machine knitting pattern.  Super easy.  You cast on 5 sts.  and keep increasing 5 sts every 6 rows.  Add on border and seam it in a loop.  I just love the autumn vibe of the yarn!.

My First Knitting Machine Pattern Video

  • love. life. yarn.: This website offers over 25 fast and free knitting machine patterns. You’ll find a variety of projects, including stuffed toys, accessories, home decor, and even women’s sweaters and shorts.  Some featured patterns include:
  • KNITTER’S EDGE: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, this site provides over 350 easy-to-follow patterns for machine knitting. You’ll find detailed instructions, images, and techniques for various projects.
  •  Excess to thousand of machine knitting patterns (free and paid patterns)  - Eileen is a long time machine knitters. She has so much knowledge to share and she also teaches classes.  There are many free machine knitting pattern you can find at her website. Roberta Rose Meads website.  She is one of the best machine knitters.  You can watch her tutorial videos on YouTube. - This site is loaded with tons of information about knitting machines,  tutorial videos, patterns and much more. - Many vintage patterns to explore here. - Learn about different types of machine and get free pattern of socks, baby sets and more. Fun blog to read and has links to many machine knitting blogs.  has many links to different types of patterns from different types of machines Dianna is also one of the best machine knitters and teacher on YouTube.  She also sell patterns on her site.  I love her sweet voice.

    Voliere yarns from Knit Picks » Machine knitting  So much information and patterns of hand knit and machine knit. - many creative and beautiful machine knitting patterns for all ages. - very interesting place to learn how to make baby outfits.

    I will continue to add more links and make changes often. So don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feeds (on top left corner) so that you won't miss any update.  See more link you'd like to add?  Please send it to me.

    I'm still very new when it comes to machine knit.  I've learn a lot from many great machine knitters on this year.   I love my punch card and want to explore and tried many more things.  Below are photos of my works I've done on my standard single bed machine.

    These socks are knitted top down using ribber attachment.  You can read about how I made them here.

    I also added a few links to machine knitted sock patterns that you might like.

    Woman Raglan Sweater with front cable panel 

    I don't have a pattern for machine but I have hand knit raglan without cable pattern .  This is my second sweater I made on the machine.  I used sweater wizard to help calculate my size to get some idea.  I did some adjustments for arm length, sweater length and add cable front.  

    This is my first shawl I made using knit weave technique and a triangle shawl shape pattern from when during the shawl contest.   I won best use of patterns.   I'm not a subscriber to the site any more.  I did had 3 months free subscription because of the shawl winning.  It's the best place to learn about machine knitting and it has so many great tools, tips and tricks and ton of patterns, community and more.  

    Here is a free simple shawl pattern by LD Knitware;

    This is a double brim hat I made using a punch card pattern.  First work 8 inches and then join the brim then add pattern for 4 inches.  Then knit in plain for about 2 more inches.  Then k3tog and then pull yarn thought all loop.  Seamed sides and done.

    I just realized that there is a knitting magazine on the market.  It looks expensive though.  

    Have a knitting website and want to share your pattern? You can submit your own machine knitting patterns here.  Just use the form provided below to fill out or copy and paste your patterns in it. You can also upload up to three photos per pattern. Once accepted, your page will be lived and people can comment and rate your patterns.

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