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I started building this website In April, 2011 with a great confidence in myself and Site Built it.  It is now been 2 and1/2 years since I first started.  I didn't have any business on hand and I didn't expect to sell anything on my site beside posting AdSense and adding a few Amazon products to it.  My first goal was to make $100 dollars/month.  That would make me happy enough because I can pay SBI for $29.99/month and keep the rest.  My goal was accomplished quick and I was so excited.  I even have my own PDF pattern for sale!  I have my own Youtube knitting videos (and I started earning $$ from them too!). It didn't even occur to me that I would do that because I am such a shy person. 

I am so thrilled with Adsense income since I hardly make $1/day for my blog in the past.  Now going on third years my total income exceed $500/month and I'm so happy!  My skeptical husband begins to believe that people can actually do make money online.

How do I build a website?

That was a question I used to ask when someone told me he has a website.

First off, you need to have a domain name (name of your site that you register with a domain hosting company like and You'll pay like 5-15 dollars a month depending on the company. Then you'll need a hosting company to host your site in order for your site to go online live because you don't want to host it on your own computer. These are two basic things you'll need in order to build a website.

Free Website Builders

There are two kinds of websites you can build. One is a free and another is a paid one. There are so many free and paid website building companies out there that you can find. But which is the right one for you?

The free web builder usually will let you build a site for free with a free subdomain name (e.g. for example). They usually run ads on your site. Some companies let you run your ads. I had tried several of free website builders in the past such as,,, Googlesite which used to be Googlepage. None of the sites I build has no structure and guild line. I built it on my own and whatever content I wanted to put on. The end results were disappointed. I often asked myself why should I wasted all these time and getting nothing in return. I was exhausted!

Although they are so many new companies now that let you build a website for free with beautiful graphic designs and layouts.

Top Nine Free Website Building Companies

Paid Website Builders

For paid website builders you pay them monthly or yearly and they will do the hosting for you. You have totally control of whether you want to place an ad or not.

You can have the company build a site for you if you don't want to bather. Or you can build your own using building tools supplies from the company.

I don't know any other company that have by far the most comprehensive tools to build a website like Site Build It or SBI. I can talk about SBI all day of how great it is. But SBI is not for people who take a short cut. It for those who have patience and passion and who's willing to spend time learning step-by-step. SBI's principle is C-T-P-M (content, traffic, preselling, monetization)

I spend 3 months studying SBI guidelines, reading & watching videos before I can come up with my "Knitting Instructions" keyword of this website. Then another month analyzing, brainstorming (there's a tool for that) and building my blueprint. I admitted I was a little discouraged and overwhelming. But once I got started on an actual building website process, I had fun with it.

SBI shows me how to write in the way that I can attract search engines as well as human visitors. Page by page I built, analyzed and six months later I have 400-700 visitors a day!

See a screen shot below.

sbi website traffic report

screen shot of my daily statistic for in October, 2011. Six months after launching it.

SBI is the best business website for me. This never had happened to me before. I can tell you how excited I am. I want to tell everybody I know to get SBI and start writing. If you in a selling business, 500 visitors a day is a good start.

Not only that most SBI owner have their website on the top 1% on Alexia ranking. Go to the result page to see for yourself. Many of SBIers earn 6 or more figures income right from their home.

How much does it cost to build a website?

It can cost you nothing and up to 1000 of dollars depending on the company.

SBI cost me less than 30 dollars a month. Don't worry, you'll earn the money back in no time. I already earn more than I paid for that with this website with my ads placement. Plus you'll have a chance to earn extra affiliate money when people buy SBI though your link. The money you spend with SBI will pay for your domain name and hosting. All you have to do is focus on your content. SBI will do the rest with Search Engine Optimization and even have a blog update, Facebook, Twitter, form builder, e-zine, content 2 for visitors to submit content to your site and of cause statistic and tracking tool.

No spam! Just plain honest people. Great Forum and great tools. Talking about tools I just finished peaking at a demo of new block build it. I'm so happy and excited about this one. That's only one thing I found a little old fashion in SBI, but it works though. The new block builder will save me a lot of time.

Click on Image below to take a peak at SBI's new block builder Demo.

sbi build a web site video domo

Here are top 10 paid websites you can read more about.


"I went to your website and I have to say I just loved it. The work you have put in on that is amazing and the site is gorgeous. very interactive and a lot of tools to help knitters or knitter want to be's. Great job!!" - Squidoo LensMaster, USA

Hey! I just wanted to tell you how awesome your site is! I'm really excited because I *FINALLY* mastered the long tail cast on method thanks to your tutorial! You ROCK!

:) - Nikki, USA

"Dollop good" - Australia.

"I am new to this site and so far I am liking it, I am also new to knitting and was looking for a site one site to give me guide lines on how to knit right and neat. and I think I just found my site. THANK YOU." - Texas.

"I just love what you have on knitting and the how to knit and all the diffrened patterns ext." - South Africa.

Read more visitors' comments Here.

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Web Traffic Statistic Update

Below is a screen shot of my December 2011, 9 months after building this site. The traffic is looking great and it is increasing every month. My revenue from advertizes is also increasing along with Amazon affiliate. I'm very happy and enjoying working and building my best business website.

web traffic 2011

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