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Easy knitting pattern collections posted here are mostly quite easy to knit. Like this Pretty Summer Scarf easy knitting pattern which is great for beginners. Some are little more difficult and require a little more concentration like these 3 Lacy dishcloths. Many of them are designed by myself and many are from other talented knitters. I am particularly searching for patterns that are cute and easy to knit. I will gradually add more pattern links to this page. The Halloween patterns are just added to the Holiday patterns section and more will be joining.

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Have fun and hope you find something you like here at easy knitting pattern page, enjoy it.

Easy Knitting Pattern Collections For Babies

Royal Baby Blanket - Treat your baby like a royal with this royal baby blanket pattern.

This pattern is very similar to the one Kate's baby, George was wrapped in.  The border is a little bit different but all in all I think it's perfectly fit for the baby prince.

*** New just added 6/28/18

Super Cute Baby Rib Hat with Pom Pom  This is a fast knit hat and make a great gift for a new born.  It will fit up to a year or more. I made two in 3 days for my neighbors' babies.


baby cocoon and hat

Very Cute Striped Baby Cocoon With A Matching Hat

I knitted this baby cocoon and a matching hat set for my girl's kindergarten teacher. She is expecting in any day now. Both cocoon and hat are knitted in rounds. If you're not comfortable with circular needle, you can knit them in rows and sew ends together. I love the way they turned out. Cute! and make me what to make some more.

baby hat and booties

Baby Booties and a hat setI had fun knitting these booties and hat. Love the wool blend yarn and the colors by Plymouth. I will wrap these babies and ship them up to my niece in Washington real soon. She is expecting her first child

So Cute Baby Ruffles

An adorable child ruffles that will melt your heart.

Baby Jane Booties Super cute baby booties for 6 - 12 months infant by Redheart.com.

7 Perfect Baby Gift Set Knitting Patterns
Knit a perfect gift set for baby with these fantastic baby easy knitting pattern collections from Knittingdaily.com. The patterns include seven beautiful patterns of;

- Vine lace baby hat,

- baby’s first sock

- knitted cuddlies

- star light, star bright baby blanket

- barnyard baby booties

- origami baby kimono

- cabled raglan baby sweater 

** I am making changes and moving the rest of the patterns to other pages.  Please use links below to visit category you want.

Children Knitting Patterns

Women Sweater And Cardigan Knitting Patterns

Free Scarf Patterns

Hats And Headbands

Easy Knitting Patterns For Home

*** New*** Simple Eyeglasses case

*** New*** Mitered Coaster and All-purpose mat  just added to this category.

Holiday Patterns

Christmas Patterns - - Find many cute Christmas knitting pattern at; http://www.blacksheepwools.com/free-patterns

Here are some examples,

Hanging Santa

Snow Man

Little Miss Claus

Little Miss Claus

Cute dress for girls to dress up during Christmas or at costumes party.

Free American Girl Doll's Knitting Patterns

There are lots of cute outfit and accessory patterns here for American Girl Doll and Barbie.

Adorable Short Skirt For Toddlers & Girls Easy Knitting Pattern


- A skein of worsted weigh yarn such as Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarn: Ombres, Summer Splash or fingering weigh yarn like Lion Brand Yarn 240-205L Sock-Ease Yarn, Cotton Candy or yarn of your choice (about 5 oz). Best to use washable yarn though.

- 16 and 29 inch-circular knitting needles US # 6 or 8 depending on your yarn.

- approx. 20 inches of a 3/8 inch-width elastic waistband

- Tapestry Needle

- crochet hook for lacy edge if preferred


Knit a small 4x4 inches- swatch to check for gauge.

Write down number of stitches per inch.

Measure a waistline of a person who will wear this lovely skirt. (waist line length X number of stitch per inch = total stitches for casting on). If you were unable to measure the waist circumference directly, you can cast on about 18-20 inches for 2-4 years-old and 20-22 inches for 4-6 years-old. Or you can use this Standard Size Chart to determine the size you need.

Joint the yarn and make sure not to twist it. Place a paper clip, scrap yarn or a stitch marker at the beginning of the row to mark where the row begins. Slip a marker onto a needle when you begin a new row.

Begin to knit in a circle as follow;

Row 1-5 : K

Row 6 : p

Row 7-20: K

Row 21 : p

Row 22 : Increase Row, change to the longer needles *yf, k1; Repeat from * to the end.

Row 23 : P

Row 24 : k

Next row K until desired length or almost the end of yarn leaving enough for cast off and edging. (About 10 times the circumference of the edge of skirt.) Bind off. Don't cut yarn. Finish off the edge with chain stitches and single crochet around the skirt as follow;

*Ch 5, 1 SC* into the third stitch; repeat from* to the end. Cut off yarn.

Finishing the waistband

Cut an elastic band equal the length of the waistline and sew the both ends together with regular needle and thread.

Place the elastic band on the wrong side of the skirt. Fold the first 5 rows over the elastic band and begin to sew (with tapestry needle and left over yarn) the cast on row with the 11 rows to form a tubular band. Continue to the end. Cut yarn leaving a few inches behind. Weave the yarn between the stitches to secure. Make a long chain string and attach to the front for a bow.

If you don't crochet and prefer not to have a bottom edge, you can just skip it. Do 4-5 rows of garter stitch (k 1 row, p 1 row) instead.

It'd been awhile since I knitted this skirt. The pattern wasn't written down and I just pull it of my head. So I hope I don't miss anything.

Let me know how it turn out or upload a photo and share it with other visitors.

Knitting Abbreviations Used In this Easy Knitting Pattern are;

k = knit

p = purl

yf = yarn forward

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

* = repeat in *_* as directed

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