Pretty Striped Summer Scarf - Very Easy Knitting Pattern

This scarf is as light as a feather and I hardly felt any weight when I put it on. I knitted it loosely on US # 9 (6mm) in stripe pattern using combination of beautiful hand-dyed bamboo/cotton yarn and kid mohair. It’s a great scarf for Summer but can also be worn all year round. It's can be dressy or just plain casual.

This pattern is available in a PDF file.
Click Here to download.

This pattern is inspired by a yarn lady during my visit to the Sheep & Wool Festival in Maryland. She wore a very skinny scarf around her neck and it looked really nice on her. She told me she made a good use of scrap yarns by turning it into several scarf. Hers was knitted in stripes of mohair and variegated yarn. I bought several skeins of yarn from her shop including the exact yarn she used for her scarf. I think the lighter color of mohair would have looked a little better. But all in all, I like this scarf a lot. Maybe I will wear it all the time.

Summer scarf on Japanese maple tree

Summer scarf hanging on my Japanese maple tree

Here is the Summer Scarf Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Gauge: Not very important. My gauge is about 3.5-4 sts/inch on US # 9 (5.5mm).

Finished Measurement: 5 inches by 60 inches. It turned out a little longer after blocking.


1. 50 grams DK sport weight yarn of your choice.(click on link will open to a new window of sport weight yarn samples from my shop) Cotton, linen and bamboo are great for Summer scarf.

2. 25 grams kid mohair (Click on this link will open to a new window of kid mohair page at my yarn shop)

3. 29 inches Circular knitting needle US #9 (5.5mm) or size to your preference

4. Tapestry needle

Note: You can adjust your scarf length by checking your yarn gauge and determine how long your scarf should be. Cast on stitches you need to make up for the desired length. Or you can follow my direction for a very long scarf.


With DK yarn, CO 250 sts loosely ( or use your own # of cast on stitches). Begin working on striped pattern as follows;

*With DK yarn, knit in garter stitch pattern (knit all rows) for about an inch ending with the wrong side row.

Next row (right side): Change to Mohair yarn and knit in stockinette stitch pattern (knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side) for another inch ending with the wrong side row. Repeat from * once more.

Change to DK yarn and finish off the last stripe for one more inch. Bind off loosely. Cut yarn and weave it behind work. Block piece if preferred.

Note: You can try this elastic or stretchy bind off if your regular bind of is too tight.

summer scarf over jacket

Sophisticated look of the summer scarf over silk jacket

Note: I didn’t cut any yarn off during the transitional work because the colors for both of my yarns are well matched. I just carried both yarn over by knitting them together at the first and the last stitches of each row.

This pattern is available in a PDF file.
Click Here to download.

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