Free Knitting Patterns In PDF Format For Everyone! 

All the knitting patterns listed here are designed by myself.  Most of them are free. You can find patterns for girl, scarf patterns, interesting home project patterns, and more. Some of them don't come in PDF but you can still print it out in Doc form.  If you have your own PDF patterns you want to add to this page, please submit photo and file at: Free knitting patterns submission page

I will gradually add more pattern when I publish one.  I also have patterns which I put on sale at my Etsy shop. Enjoy and please share it with your friends!

Note: Ruffle & Jade Diamond Are Not Free

All free knitting patterns are copyright. Please do not sell or duplicate these patterns for your profits. 

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More free knitting patterns will be added gradually after each complete project. So come back again soon or subscribe to my RSS feeds/newsletter for update.

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