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Fiesta Lacy Zigzag Scarf
A Gorgious scarf Fits For a Queen!

Lacy Zigzag Scarf Free Knitting Pattern by Ratcha

Thanks to my friend Sandy for taking me shopping for yarn. Because of her I got to buy this shimmering, eye-catching, and breathtaking yarn to make this beautiful lacy zigzag scarf. It's going to be a great Christmas gift for my artist friend. I found a skein of beautiful yarn called “Fiesta La Boheme” It remind me of Indian Sari for some reason. It costs about $35.00. But it worth the price, I think. I found it on for about $30.00 but it doesn't have shimmering yarn in it. I love the color combinations, the softness of mohair and a touch of the sparkling silver thread. The yarn has two strains-combination and must be knitted together. It was pretty easy to knit because I used rather big needle. The smaller one would be a little more difficult.

lacy zigzag scarf on person

Download this Pattern in a PDF format HERE!

I had a hard time finding the right pattern to knit with because of its colors combination. I tried many lacy patterns but they didn't work out for me. Finally, I came up with this zigzag one because it look simple and it show the stitches better than the more complicated lacy pattern. I hope you enjoy it.

Skill level: Intermediate

Measurement: Width = 6 inches. Length = 56 inches.

Gauge: Not very important. Approximately 3.5 stitches per inch.


1. 1 skein of Fiesta La Boheme Yarn in any color of your choice or any Worsted Weight Yarn of your choice. Need at lease 165 yards of yarn to make a 56 inches long scarf.

2. A pair of knitting needle US# 9 (5.5mm) or appropriate size for your selected yarn.

Direction For Fiesta Lacy Zigzag Scarf

Cast on 23 sts. very loosely. Knit 2 rows. Begin Lacy Zigzag Pattern as follow;

Row 1 (right side): K 2, *sl 1, k1, psso, k2, yf, k2; rep from * to the last 3 sts, k 3.

Row 2 (wrong side): K 2, p to the last 2 sts, K 2.

Row 3: Same as row 1.

Row 4: Same as row 2.

Row 5: Same as row 1.

Row 6: Same as row 2.

Row 7: K 5, *yf, k 2, k2tog, k2; rep from * to the end.

Row 8: K 2, p to the last 2 sts, k 2.

Row 9: Same as row 7.

Row 10: Same as row 8.

Row 11: Same as row 7.

Row 12: Same as row 8.

Repeat these 12 rows to form a long lacy zigzag scarf. Work the pattern until you have about a yard or more of yarn left and end with the wrong side row.

Purl one row. Cast off all stitches loosely knitwise. Block the scarf to achieve a beautiful and smooth finish.

Lacy zig zag scarf

Download this Pattern in a PDF format HERE!

Knitting terms and Abbreviations.

K = Knit

P = Purl

sts = Stitches

sl = Slip a stitch from left needle to right needle knitwise

psso = pass the slip stitch over the stitch just knitted and slip it off the needle

yf = Yarn forward (bringing yarn in front of work)

K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together at the same time to form one stitch (decreasing)

*_* = Repeat direction as indicated between the two *

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