Notebook/Journal/Graph Paper For Knitters

Don't you love to write on a pretty stationary? I do.  I'm so happy to be able to create this notebook/journal and grid templates and share with you, my fellow knitters at very affordable price.  

With my collection of 5 beautiful digital download knitting note sheets. Each sheet is carefully designed to add a touch of trendiness and cuteness to your crafting sessions.

Included in the set is also a graph paper or grid sheet, perfect for designing intricate patterns or motifs. Additionally, you'll receive a bonus knitting/crochet needle size chart to keep your projects organized.

Our note sheets are available in both PDF and PNG formats, allowing you the flexibility to print them at home on letter size paper (8.5x11") or upload them to a print shop whenever you need. Never run out of stylish paper to write on again!

Down load today at Etsy/Suwanlee

ONLY $3.99 US !!

note template

Below are some samples of the notebook designs

sampleknitting notebook template with cherry blossom background
sample2ruled knitting notebook template with white background and knitting cliparts

Download yours knitting notebook template today!!

Thank you for supporting our site!!

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