Fun & Free Halloween Knitting Patterns

Top 14 Sites Where You Can Get Free Halloween Knitting Patterns.

Halloween is getting close! What can be more fun than knitting and crocheting some fun Halloween projects and give them out as gifts or to yourself. My girls and I are already planing a trip to Joann's Fabric this Saturday (9/15/12) to buy orange, black and white yarn to make trick or treat candy bag. One of my 6 years-old daughter had already designed her own bag (see picture above). Now the pressure is on me and I hope I can live up to her expectation! We'll see.

How sweet it is to see you baby smile in this adorable Candy Corn hat.  The chunky yarn makes this knitting goes by so fast and you'll want to make more!

Adorable Child Pumpkin Hat 

Make this cute hat for your lil one and you'll get stopped everywhere you go.  Try it!

boo bag

Here are my top 14 picks of the most popular sites where you can find all sorts of Halloween crafts to knit and some to crochet for free. Example of these patterns are dishcloths, hats, costumes, witches, wig, ghost, eyeballs, bats, pumpkins, finger puppets, owls, and many more. Enjoy these free patterns and hope you guys have fun on Halloween!

  1. Knitting Pattern Central 
- Hallowig 
  4. - The Best Free Halloween Patterns Online - Yahoo
  5. - Five Halloween Themed Knit Dishcloth Patterns
  7. - links to many patterns
  9. - Knit cute Halloween finger puppets
  10. - Amazing Halloween Witch Doll
  11. - Cute Owl

My Top Picks - 7 Halloween Knitting Patterns

pattern for candy bage
halloween candy ba

Here is another candy bag designed by my other 6 yo daughter. I used Lion brand color combo yarn.

Out of these free Halloween patterns, I have my top five favorite items. They are so cute and some are so tiny, candy corns for example. They look like fun projects to knit for this Halloween. So, grab your needles and yarns and head to these sites. Find your favorite Halloween pattern and start knitting today. I know I will be knitting a candy bag or two.

Boo! Bag - Halloween Candy Bag

Very cute very tiny candy corns

Knitted Eyeballs

Happy Halloween mitts

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