Halloween Candy Bag - Collect yummy sweet treats in this cute BOO! bag this Halloween

I had fun working on this Halloween candy bag project. I got my kids involves in designing their own themes, choosing their own colors for the bags. So far, I've got one bag done and a few rows of knitting on the second bag. It's going to be lots of purple and yellow.

Halloween candy bag knitting pattern

Download Halloween Candy Bag Pattern In PDF Here

How to make your own Halloween pattern.

1. You can have your kid draw pictures related to Halloween. Kids have great imagination, so they tend to have a lot of fascinating ideas. Let them choose colors they want, but not too many because you'll have to work harder when you knit.

2. Download graph paper from one of the sites below and transfer your kids drawing and color on to a graph paper. It's a good idea to know your yarn gauge before you download the graph paper, so that your can print out the right size.

Knitting Graph Paper from

Graph Paper from

Pic 1: Halloween ghost designed by Anchalee, my daughter.

Pic 2: I transfer the drawing onto graph paper and add a few bats.

We call it a “Boo! Halloween Candy Bag”. A fun and fast knitting project for this Halloween. You can use my design (actually my kid) for your bag or let your kid design his or her own. Here is how my kid’s Boo! bag turned out (see pic on left).

Skill level: Easy -intermediate
Finished Measurement: Approximately 7 x 9.5 inches
Gauge: 4 sts per inches on size 8 US (6.5mm)


1. 2 (50g) balls of heavy worsted weight yarn in orange, 1 ball in black, and 1 ball in white.
2. 16 inch circular knitting needle size 8 US (5mm) or preferred size
3. Stitch marker
4. Row counter
5. Tapestry needle
6. Scissor
7. Crochet hook (optional for bottom seam) size H or preferred size


Body: Cast on 60 sts with orange yarn. Join them in round without twisting stitches. Place marker at the beginning of the round before 1st st. Knit 2 rounds. Follow pattern in Pattern chart #1 below starting with round 3. Please See *remark below. When completing chart #1, continue knitting with the main orange color yarn until finishing round 16.

*Remark: I carried an orange yarn along every single round when working the patterns without cutting it off. I cut the black and white yarns off every time I completed each round leaving about 3 inches tails. I tied them together on the wrong side and trimmed the loose ends off when I finished the bag.

Pattern Chart #1: BOO! diagram for Halloween Candy Bag

Pattern Chart # 2 : Ghost and bats pattern for Halloween Candy Bag

Next round (rnd 17): Begin pattern chart #2 on round 17. Continue knitting with the main color after finishing the pattern until completing rnd 50.

Next round (rnd 51): Purl.

Rnd 52: Knit. Repeat these 2 rnds twice. Bind off all stitches loosely.

Direction for Strap or Handle

CO 4 sts. Knit these 4 sts in rows in stockinette stitch (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side). Always slip the first stitch. Bind off all stitches and sew ends to the body of the bag where appropriate.

You can make a long shoulder strap or a short handle whichever your kid’s preference is. My kid requested a strap because she said last year her candy bag got too heavy to carry by hand. Hopefully shoulder strap will help eliminate the weight or I just have to come along with her and help carry the candies!.

Sew the bottom opening of the bag with the same color yarn. Tie and trim off loose ends on the wrong side. Now the hard work is done. Give the bag to your little one to show off on the Halloween’s Trick-or-treat night !

Optional crochet bottom edge: Do single crochet along the bottom edge with the black yarn.

Helpful Resources For Knitting With Different Color Yarns (Intarsia Knitting)

Here are some helpful videos on Youtube to help some of those who are not familiar with with Intarsia knitting.

Knitting Help - Intarsia
Introduction to Intarsia
Twisting yarns for intarsia knitting
Seamless Intarsia in the Round

Here is another bag with similar idea. This one is a bit bigger than the other one and it made with Lion Brand yarn that come in combination of yellow and purple. I applied the pattern after I finished the bag with needle and thread. It almost like doing cross stitch except I had to make each stitch look like a knitted stitch. I can see the background color through the ghost and make the ghost looks transparent.

puple yellow halloween bag

Download Halloween Candy Bag Pattern In PDF Here

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