Simple Eyeglasses Case - Free Knitting Pattern

Looking for fast and easy project to knit?  This simple eyeglasses case is surely a quick thing to do.   Lately, I've been busy getting ready to move across the country and I'm not quite ready to commit to a big knitting project just yet.  I want to make something that is small and with a fast result.  So, I tried making this eyeglasses case.  I used some beautiful variegated, leftover sock yarn I found in my stash.  The finished result is quite cute but I feel it is too flexible.  Next time, I'll try felting it with bigger yarn instead. 

Eyeglasses case with knitted flower button

Finished size: Height = 7 inches, Width = 3 inches

Gauge:  7 sts/inch over Stockinette st.


1. Approximately 10 gram of fingering sock yarn with gauge mentioned above.
2. A set of double point needle (dpn) size us # 3 (3.25mm )
3. Tapestry needle


Working from top down, Co 40 sts over 3 or four dpn. Join them in round and work as follows;
Rnd 1: knit.
Rnd 2: purl.
Repeat rnd 1 and 2 two more time. Then knit every rnd until piece measures about 7 inches from cast on. 

Bind off

Option 1:  place the first 20 sts on the 1st needle and another 20 sts on the second needle.  Then do 3-needle bind off.
Option 2: bind off all sts in an usual way and sew the opening end using tapestry needle and the same yarn.

I-cord button loop

Pick up and knit 3 sts at the top edge of the center back and work as follows;
Row 1: Sl 1, p2.
Row 2: Sl 1, k2.
Rep these 2 row until the I- cord is about 4 inches long. Bind off these 3 sts.  cut yarn leaving about 8 inches tail. Attach the bind off end near the beginning of the cord to form a loop using tapestry needle.

A better view of the button and loop of eyeglasses case

Sewing flower from top edge toward center

Flower Button

Co 42 sts. Row 1 and 2 : Knit.
Row 3: * sl 6 sts purl wise, k1, Pass the 6 sl sts over one at the time, wrap yarn over right needle from back to front once; rep from* to last 7 sts, sl 6, k1, psso the sl sts.
Row 4: knit.
Row 5 : {k2tog} 3 times, k1.

Bind off all sts leaving 12 inches-tail to sew ends close. Form the piece into a circle so that it looks like a flower.  Using tapestry needle and the tail just cut, join ends together starting from outer edge and finish at the center (see picture above).  Without cutting the yarn off, attach the flower to the case where appropriate. Wrap yarn around the flower at the base a few time to create a nice and sturdy base.  Secure all loose ends and trim off all excesses.  

Optional: You can add fabric lining inside the glasses case to make it thicker and easier to slip eyeglasses in. 

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