Adorable Short Skirt For Toddlers & Girls Comments

by Ratcha

Adorable Toddler Short Skirt

Adorable Toddler Short Skirt

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Mar 03, 2012
How long should the skirt be before crochet edging?
by: Mary Lou

I have knitted the Adorable Short Skirt for Toddlers & Girls by Ratchadawan
Chambers. I am making it for my niece's toddler who will not be 2 for several
months. A skirt to grow into it. I have used a size 6 circular needle (6
inches per inch with a 20 inch waist) After I roll over the top for the
elastic, what length should I stop at before adding the crochet edging?
Currently I have 8 inches from the waist band to the edge. I love the skirt
pattern. Thank you

Hi Mary Lou,

I knitted my about 10 inches before I began my crochet edging. Thanks for linking my pattern.

Best to you,


Mar 02, 2012
What does "yf mean"
by: Fran

I have your pattern for adorable skirt for toddlers. In the increase row what does yf mean?

Fran, USA

Hi Fran,

Yarn forward (yf) means bringing yarn toward the front. People use yf and yarn over (yo) interchangeable and they both the same the same thing.
If you'd like to see illustration of yf or yo, you can visit this page; Yan Over

Best to you,


Feb 28, 2012
Photo Of Adorable Short Skirt For Toddlers
by: Ratcha

See photos of this adorable short skirt submitted by visitors at;

Feb 20, 2012
by: LarliePop

In this pattern, on row 22, it says "yf, k1." I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. It is leaving a hole when I yf, k1. Should there be a M1 or perhaps to knit in the front and back of the stitch to increase the row? How many stitches should I have on the row, if I cast on 120 stitches (for a 24 inch waist)? Thank you.
I think this is a lovely little skirt and I'm making it for my granddaughter. She loves skirts, so if it works and she likes it, I'll make others for her. Thank you.



You didn't do any thing wrong. Those holes will turn into eyelets and you can add a ribbon and a bow to it. That was my intention, but my daughter didn't want anything on it. One knitter send me a photo of her finished skirt using this pattern with a cute ribbon on it. (click here to see the photo)

You don't have to do yf, k1 if you don't want eyelets. You can just do normal increase of knit one in from and back of stitch for an increase row (M 1) like you said.

You should have double numbers of stitches after increasing - 240 for your skirt.

Thank you for the question and have fun with the project.


Sep 20, 2011
Lenght of skirt - Adorable Short Skirt For Toddlers & Girls
by: Anonymous

The skirt looks adorable and I'd like to knit one for my 4 yr old granddaughter.
What is the skirt's length based on these instructions?
Thank you,


measuring knitted toddler skirt

I just measure the length of skirt and it came out about 10 inches. The waist circumference is 20 inches. My kids wear it when they were two and now it still wearable.

I'm glad you're going to make this skirt for your grand daughter. It will last for a long time.

My older twin is just going crazy with the longer skirt (easy summer skirt) because it twirls. I just finished knitting a navy blue for her school uniform. It turns out nicely.

Thank you for visiting my site.
Ratcha Chambers

Jun 25, 2011
How To Enlarge This Pattern To Fit A 7 Yeas-Old Girl.
by: Karen

Question Posted By Karen.

Hello: I am interested in knitting your pattern "Short Skirt for Toddlers and Girls". This would be for my granddaughter who is 7. Could you kindly give me an idea how to enlarge the original pattern to fit her? She is very fond of wearing skirts. Thank you very much

Anwered By Ratcha Chambers.

Hi Karen,

Thank you for stopping by my site.

About the skirt, you can use the original pattern to make skirt to fit any size you want. You just have to make sure you have the right waist circumference. Check your gauge carefully. You will need an extra skein of yarn to make a longer and bigger skirt. I would call your grand-daughter's mom for her waist circumference.

Here is the calculation for your size;

(waist circumference in inches) ____ x (number of stitches per inch _____ = ______ (number of cast on stitches)

I hope this helps. Can't wait to see the final result on your grand-daughter!


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