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My Adorable Short Skirt

by Charli Gordon
(Bluffton, SC USA)

Skirt for Devin with Minnie Mouse Button

Skirt for Devin with Minnie Mouse Button

I began knitting about a year ago and started with scarfs and dish cloths to get familiar with different stitches. I saw this short skirt pattern and decided to try to make it for my lovely granddaughter.

I just finished the skirt today and wanted to share it with you, since it was your free pattern that I used. I found the cutest Minnie Mouse button to add over the ribbon. The ribbon has a trace of green running through the middle. Hope you like it.

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Hi Charli,

I just LOVE it! I think you did a beautiful job. I really adore the ribbon and the Minnie mouse button. What a great way to finish this short skirt off. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it a lot.

Thank you so much for sharing it with me and other knitters. BRAVO!


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