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Woman Raglan Sweater With Center Front Cable Panel - Machine Knitting

woman raglan using midgauge knitting machineWoman raglan with cables in front and ribbing edges.

This raglan sweater is made with Yarn Bee DK and a mid gauge machine with hand manipulated cables.  I'm quite happy with how it turns out.  

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Good Tuesday morning!  Now we're entering week 3 of school closing and social isolation.   In fact,  our governor just announced yesterday that we won't be having school this year at all. So, we'll be staying at home and canceling all our travels and eat a lot.  Thanks goodness, we are all still getting along!  

I have been keeping myself busy with my family and knitting (both hand knit and machine knit) along with answering many interesting questions from knitters.   

I want to make a note of my just finished project fresh of the machine.  I'm kinda proud of myself.  It's so helpful to be able to make a sweater in a couple days and enjoy wearing it.  

This sweater is pretty much the same as Woman Pullover Raglan Sweater For Beginner - Free Knitting Pattern  (see picture below) which I hand knitted several years ago.  The only difference is that this Raglan sweater has a finer yarn and knitted with mid gauge knitting machine.  Oh, and I added a cable panel to the center.

I used sweater wizard to generate this pattern with a few adjustments of armhole length, sleeve length, ect.  

At this point I'm not going to attempt to write a machine knitting pattern.  I still have a lot of practice to do.   

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay safe everyone!

Above is a hand knit version of raglan sweater using worsted weight yarn.  

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