My First Fun Fur Easy Scarf - Quick Knit And Easy Too!

I'd been knitting for quite sometimes before I knitted my first scarf.  I just didn't wear them that often.  Then one summer day I went to Joanne's Fabric and found an interesting eyelash yarn in black.  It looked like it could be a fun yarn to work with.   I used this yarn in combination with another fun, bulky yarn which has pink and orange pebbles all over it.  

I thought about a project I could used these 2 types of yarn with.  Then I thought about Scarf - a fun, and easy scarf to knit and also wearable.  The end result is in the photo below.  It's a good color for Fall and Halloween, I think.  

fun fur scarf made out of eyelash yarn

Here Is An Easy Scarf Pattern 

Skill level: Super Easy for beginner Gauge: 2.5-3 sts/inch (Not so important)


1. 2 skeins of eyelash yarn of your choice

2. 2 skeins of fun, bulky yarn in color of your choice

3. a pair of knitting needle size US #10 or size indicated on the yarn label. 4. Tapestry needle to weave ends.


Hold bulky yarn and eyelash yarn together. Cast on 14 sts loosely. Knit in stockinette sts (knit on right side row and purl one wrong side row) until almost run out of yarn.  Bind off loosely. cut yarn and weave all ends behind work. Enjoy your scarf.

Note: Children in particular enjoy wearing eyelash scarf because they seem to link the feel and the look of it. You can just use only one type of eyelash to knit this simple scarf for kids. Let you child pick color they want or take you child to store with you to pick it our. It will be a fun family project. 

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