Single Cast On Knitting Method

Single cast on is suitable for loose edge projects such as laces.

This is how I do it!

slip knot

1. Making a slip knot at the end of the yarn leaving about 3-4 inches tail to prevent from slipping off. You had made your first stitch!

2. With right hand holding a knitting needle, slip a knot onto the needle. Pull the yarn gently to tighten the stitch, so it won't slip off the needle.

3. Hold the yarn (the part that connects to a ball, not the little tail part) in a palm of your left hand with all four fingers.


4. Rotate your hand downward so that your thumb can catch the yarn. Return your left hand to it upright position. You'll end up with a strain off yarn around your thumb.

5. Insert needle below the strain of yarn at a base the thumb with upward motion. Pick up the yarn with the needle and slip the yarn out of the left hand.

6. Adjust and pull the yarn on the right needle to form snuggle stitches (not too tight).

7. Repeat step 2-6 until you get desire number of stitches.

Congratulation! you just KNITTED a single cast on row! 

Single Cast On Knitting Video On YouTube

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