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How To Design A Knitted Hat

by Leann


I'm an alright knitter but i want to be able to design a hat from beginning to end. That means any math.....which i do not have a clue about and designing charts to add shapes.

Thank you so much,



Hi Leann,

Thank you for visiting and sending me question. Designing a hat can be very challenging. My first 3 hats I knitted were all too big and now I know why. I measures it to high up!

The basic knit, purl and ribbing hats are not so bad, but if you wanted to get into more complicated pattern like laces and cable, then you need to do serious math.

Luckily, we have so many talented knitters than are willing to share their talent with us. Here are some very helpful resources I found to help get you started. I hope this information helps you succeed with you hat designing.

Mary Hat Calculator

Knitting Patern Tutorial For Hats With Math For Dummies

How to design a hat

Happy Knitting!


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