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320 Stars Headband - Another Fun Leftover Yarn Knitting Project

Description: Pretty headband for girls of any ages knitted in 2-colors-start stitch pattern. 

Gauge: about 7 sts per inch over star stitch using dk weight (a little liter than worsted weight) yarn and US size # 6 (4mm) needle

Finished Measurement: Width = 3.25 inches.  Length = 19.5 inches

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I don’t know what’s with me lately.  I’ve been making and thinking about headbands all the time.   Part of it  I think because it is fun to make and it doesn’t take too long to knit. I’ve already planned on making my husband a gardening headband for him.  He sweats a lot when he’s out gardening in a hot summer.

For this particular headband, I didn’t use much yarn at all.  The mixed cotton/acrylic leftover yarns (by GGH called "Bali") in blue and purple I found in my stash turned out just fine for this project.  I used 4mm (US 6) rather than size 4 suggested by the label.

320 star headband

Here Is The Pattern For The Headband


1. 1 ball of dk or sport weight yarn in light color of your choice (color A).

2. 1 ball of dk or sport weight yarn in darker color of your choice (color B).

3. A pair of knitting needles US size # 6 (4mm).

4. Tapestry needle to sew ends together.


Special Abbreviation:

Make Star = P3tog leaving sts on needle, yrn (yarn round needle once), then purl the same 3 sts together again.

With Color A, CO 23 sts.  Follow pattern below using color A for 1st and 2nd rows and color B for 3rd and 4th row;

1st row (right side): Knit.

2nd row: K2, *Make star, p1; repeat from * to last 5 sts, Make star, k2.

3rd row: Change to color B and Knit to the end.

4th row: K2, p2, *Make star, p1; repeat from * to last 7 sts, Make star, p2, k2.

Repeat these 4 rows until the band is about an inch less than your desired length, then bind off all sts.  Cut yarn leaving about 15 inches tail for sewing ends.  Use tapestry needle and the yarn tail to sew ends together.  

star stitch

How To Knit Star Stitch Headband Tutorial

You can watch my video here if you get stuck on the star stitch.  I'm sorry for the unedit video.  Just have so many glitches today.  I feel lucky enough to be able to upload it to youtube. 

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