Beginner Woman Raglan Sweater pattern



Could you please clarify on the front of Raglan Sweater instructions. I am to the point of dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 8 times but confused when it says to continue shaping as for back The back says to decrease & bind of 30 stitches-should this not be down to one stitch and then pull through the last stitch to secure.
I have all the rest of the sweater finished.

Thank you,



Hi B,

Thank you for pointing this out. I'll correct it.
I had to go back and review the raglan pattern because it's been awhile since I made it.
You're so right! The front should be worked until the last st and end off on each side. I made it sound very confusing. I think what I meant was to do the same method of decreasing and not referring to the number of stitches decrease.

Sorry for the confusion. Congratulation on your finishing the sweater!

Ratcha Chambers

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