Happy New Year Scarf - An Awesome, Versatile Neck Wear You'll Love

Description: A sleeky scarf that can be worn as a scarf, a wrap or a hood over head. This beautiful scarf is knitted using Turkish rib pattern and knitted in rows to form a long piece.  Then both ends are joined together to form a ring.  This would make a great Christmas and new year gifts since it doesn't take too long to knit.  Choose any yarn you like. The possibility is endless.

Finished measurement: About 13 inches by 36 inches (non blocking). This is a measurement at rest without stretching it. 

Gauge: 4.5-5 sts per inches depending on your tension.  Although gauge is not so important for this pattern.

Skill: Easy. 

I brought this yummy baby alpaca yarn from my LYS in Maryland during it close out sale.  It is made by Berroco and it is call "Flicker" (see the end of page).  The needle suggestion for this yarn is US # 9 (5.5mm) but I stepped up a little using #10.5 (6.5mm).

The main pattern of the scarf body is a Turkish stitch and the first and the last 3 sts are in garter st.  The beginning and the end of the piece slanted toward the right and this made me a little unsure at first of how finish product will look like. Actually, it look pretty interesting when I wear it as a wrap and turn the seam toward the front.  I can see the seam running biasly from my right shoulder across my chest and down toward my lower left torso.  It looks just like I'd planned it all along.  This baby is going to my friend, Julie.  

Here Is The Pattern For The Cowl


1. 2 balls of Berroco Flicker (each ball weigh 50 g /1.75 oz and has189 yds/175m) or yarn with similar gauge of your choice (Although the gauge is not so much important for this project).

2. A pair of straight or circular knitting needle size US #10.5 (6.5mm) 

3. Tapestry needle to sew seam


CO 72 sts. Knit 1 row (right side).

Beging Turkish Rib Pattern below;

1st row (wrong side): K3, p1, *p2tog, yrn; rep from * to last 4 sts, p1, k3.

2nd row: K4, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.

Repeat these last 2 rows until you almost run out of yarn from 2nd ball. (Leave yarn about 3 times of the width of your piece for binding off.   BO all sts.

You can block your piece at this time if you like.  Then sew the beginning end and BO ends together using tapestry needle.  Weave all ends behind work and you're done!  

Don't forget to send me the picture and I will post it in the knitting gallery.

Different ways to wear the scarf

Knitting Abbreviation

CO = cast on

p2tog = purl 2 sts together

yrn = wrap yarn around the working needle once

BO = bind off

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