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Looking For a Pattern For Gedifra Rosas Wool

by Rita
(Ireland )

I'm looking for a pattern that has got a tension of 17 stitches by 27 rows on 5 mm (US#8)needles using Gedifra Rosas wool.


Hi Rita,

What kind of pattern you have in mind?
Gedifra Rosas wool is considered a worsted weight yarn and you can knit just about anything.

The yarn is really pretty by itself and it would be great for accessories such as neck scarf or a long narrow scarf to wrap around you. A hat would look cute too.

I would vote for scarf pattern though because you don't have to worry too much about the gauge. Have you try look at There are many pattern links there that you can check it out.

Here are some of my pattern suggestions for Gedifra Rosa Wool;

Arrowhead Lace and Cable Scarf

Scarf by

Minie Scarf

Visitors, please feel free to add any suggestion or comment and help Rita out.

Thank you Rita and I hope you find a pattern you like.


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