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Are my needles the problem?


I'm knitting some animals about 3" tall and my stitches are tight, making it very difficult to stitch. The stitches seemed so tight no matter how hard I tried to loosen up. I switched from bamboo to metal needles and that helped because they were slicker, less drag. But I find it close to impossible to do a SSK. I have resorted to using a crochet hook to pull the yarn through and the yarn is a little worse for the struggle. I'm a fairly inexperienced knitter but should this be so difficult? Would 'lace' needles make it easier with a sharper point? Are there better yarns that would make a difference? Thanks for any help you can offer.

The pattern is Woodland Wuzzies - adorable little critters.



No, you shouldn't have to struggle with knitting. After all, it is suppose to be enjoyable. You did good changing from bamboo to metal needles but I'm sorry that it didn't help.

From what you're saying, I think the needles might be too small. Are you using the same sizes of the yarn and the needles suggested by the pattern? If you do and still having a hard time manipulating stitches, then I think you should change to a bit bigger needles.

One more thought, check the yarn label to see what size of the needle it suggests. Then you know for sure if you use the right needle or not.

If all of the above are not working out for you, then I suggest you discuss this directly with Barbara, the designer, you can sent her a direct message at her Revelry User Page. She might have a better suggestion than I did.

Wish you the best with your project and hope it turns out well.


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