Beautiful Garter-Eyelet Lace Edging Knitting Pattern

I enjoy knit edging a lot because it doesn't have too many stitches in a row and that makes it goes faster. I enjoy seeing the end result - the magical transformation of stitches into beautiful and elegant look.  I wish I had more time to do all the project I want with this edging.  

Anyway I just want to share this pattern with you and I'm sure you'll love it too.  I recently just bought a charting program and I'm learning how to work it.  I'm adding it here because some knitters prefer chart than written instruction.  Hopefully, you'll find it helpful.

Knitted Lace Edging (insertion) used in my Srping Lace Scarf

I ued this lovely lace edging in my Spring Lace Scarf which I am selling it at my Etsy shop, Ravelry Shop and Craftsy Shop for $3.99. 

Here is the pattern for this Edging

Choose any yarn you want depending on your project and the needle size that is suggested by the yarn's label.

CO 7 sts. (knit 1 row if you want to use this edging with a flat project. This will help keep the end more sturdy.)  

Work the pattern below for lace edging.

1st row (right side): [yo, k2tog] twice, yrnd, p3.

2nd row: P4, yo, p2tog, yo, p2.

3rd row: [Yo, k2tog] twice, yo and yrnd, p5.

4th row: P6, yo, p2tog, yo, p2.

5th row: [Yo, k2tog] twice, yo and yrnd, p7.

6th row: P8, yo, p2tog, yo, p2.

7th row: [Yo, k2tog] twice, yo and yrnd, p9.

8th row: P 7, [p2tog, yo] twice, p2tog, p1.

9th row: Yo, k3tog, [yo, k2tog] twice, p6.

10th row: P5, P2tog, [yo, p2tog] twice, p1.

11th row: Yo, k3tog, [yo, k2tog] twice, p4.

12th row: P3, p2tog, [yo, p2tog] twice, p1.

13th row: Yo, k3tog, [yo, k2tog] twice, p2.

14th row: P1, p2tog, [yo, p2tog] twice, p1. 

Repeat this 14 rows until desired length then bind off.

How To Knit Lace Edging Video Instruction

Knitting Terms And Abbreviations

CO       -  cast on

K          -  knit

P          -  purl

k2tog    -  knit 2 sts together at once

k3tog    -  knit 3 sts together at once

sl 1       -  slip 1 st

psso     -  pass the slip st over the st just knitted

yo         -  yarn over

yrnd      -  yarn around needle, wrap yarn around working needle (right needle) once

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