(k1. P1. K1.) in next st

by Jan
(Edmonds, WA)


How do I increase 24 stitches to 72 stitches total in a row using "(k1.p1.k1)in next st"?

Every time I tried to follow the instructions (see below) i always ended up with 3 stitches on the right needle. Im suppose to increase from 24 to 72 stitches. So what am I doing wrong?

"To make K1, P1, K 1 into the next stitch can be done by
knit the next stitch but do not slip it off the needle.
Bring yarn forward and purl the same stitch without slipping it off the needle. Bring yarn to back and knit into the same stitch again.
Now you can slip the stitch off the left needle."


It sounds to me like you're doing everything correctly. You should have 3 sts after you do inc k1,p1,k1. This makes 2 sts-increase for each st you have. So if you keep increasing those 24 sts you're currently have, you'll eventually get 72 at the end of the row.
So, you can go ahead and do k1,p1,k1 in every sts for this row and you should be okay.

Thank you for the question and visiting.


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