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How to knit (yfwd. K1) twice?

by Jan
(Edmonds, WA, USA)

Question # 1

I'm making a cute Aran Leaf pillow and I have tried unsuccessfully followed instructions on all mentioned above stitches. Here's are the three rows I was having trouble with:

After i cast on 3 sts then the next row:
Row 1: P1. Purl into front and back of next st. p1
Row 2: K1. M1. K3
Row 3: P1. M1. K1. Yfwd. K1. Yfwd. P2

At the end of row 3, i ended up with 1 remaining stitch and couldn't figured out how to have 2 sts.



Please see video I made for you below.


Question #2

It took me 3 days to figured out to do the first 4 rows. Then at the 5th row, i didn't have enough stitches to do 5th row. How to you do (yfwd. K1) twice?

Thank you!



Hi Jan,

Maybe you already have figured out the problem by the time you get to watch this video. It took awhile before it turned live on Youtube.

Here is a video I made to show you how to do row 1-8. of the Aran Leaf Pillow

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