How To Follow A Pattern - Cardigan Sleeve Increse Stitch While Ribbing

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Hi I'm knitting a baby cardigan, I have managed to knit the back and front right and front left. I am now working on the sleeves. I know how to do 1x1 rib for the band but it says after that next row: rib 3, m1{rib 7,m1 3 times rib 3. I started with 27 stitches and should end up with 31 but I haven't got a clue on how to do next row. I'm new to this. can you help me please, lol.



Hi Knitter,

We have to be new to something, right? Thank you for trusting me to answer you this question.

The pattern is saying "increase 4 stitches evenly" but in a more complex way. That's why it ends up with 31 sts at the end of the row.

Ready to begin? Here we go!

Next row: work ribbing for 3 sts, increase 1 st, *rib 7 sts, increase 1 st; repeat from * 3 more times, rib the last 3 sts.

Note: I think the best way to increase while ribbing is to pick up the horizontal strain of yarn between the st just knitted and the st on the left needle. If you're confused about what I said, you can see my illustration on how to increase a stitch HERE

I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting and happy knitting!


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