How to knit in front and back of stitch

by Deb

I don't know how to knit in front and back of stitch. I think I understand the concept but need help to get started.


Hi Deb,

Thanks for submitting the question. I'm glad I can help you.

Knit into front and back of a stitch is one of several methods of increasing an extra stitch. We do this by inserting a right-hand needle into the front strain of the stitch knitwise, wrap yarn around the right needle and bring it through the loop. Do not slip the stitch of the left needle yet. Insert the right needle into the back strain of the same stitch just knitted, wrap yarn and bring it through the loop. Now slip the stitch of the left needle. We now have increased a stitch.

I have illustration and description of knit one in front and back at this page: It might help you understand it better than what I just wrote above.

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