Not Enough Stitches For The Pattern

by Marilyn
(Woodburn OR)

knitting pattern row 1

knitting pattern row 1


I don't have enough stitches! Pattern for baby blanket is this:
Row1 (RS):K3 LIL, k10,ssk,k2tog, k10, LIR, k2 6 times, k1
Row 2: Purl

There are 160 stitches on the needle. If I didn't do the k2 with each increase and decrease, I'd be OK!
But that's not the pattern.
What am I doing wrong?


Ji Marilyn,

I am counting all those stitches together and I've got 160 sts. I think you might have miscounted stitches during LIL and LIR. The LIL and LIR sts are worked from sts of previous row, so basically you gain extra 2 sts without having to work with any sts on your present row.

I make a video here showing the first row (total of 30 sts) mentioned above. I didn't repeat the 26 sts pattern in the bracket.

Here is the video to show you how I did that;

The video is still new and it might not finish processing. If you don't see a video box above, you can use the link below to go to youtube.

I hope I answered your question and it helps solve your problem.

Good luck with your baby blanket and have a wonderful evening!


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