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Moving Marker In Circular Knitting - Spiral Pattern

my spiral pattern says "move marker one stitch to the left after the 13th row". I don't understand this..if the marker is moved over one stitch, what do I do with that "skipped" stitch. The pattern is K4, K2tog, yo. The marker is at the end of the YO & if I move it one stitch to the left that would be between the 1st & 2nd stitch of the pattern,so what happens to that 1st stitch?


Hi Knitter,

Are you working on Spiral leg Warmer from It looks really cute.

Look to me like after you move the marker over, you just begin the new row again. Moving marker over will create the spiral effect. You begin the next row on the 2nd stitch and finish the row at the first stitch.

If you're still having trouble, please let the pattern's owner know. I think she can explain it better than me. If this doesn't resolve, I can knit along with you and we'll fix this together.

Thanks for the question.


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