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Scallop Skirt In Orchid Cotton


I'm making two of these for my two grandgirls along with ruffled tank tops. I have one skirt nearly done. It's not going to be long enough. Have you any experience with adding more scallop rows but still keeping this look? Can I add two more (12 rows) scallops and have it look okay? Thank you for this really cute pattern!


Wow a lot of little girls to keep you busy with projects! To answer you question - No, I haven't try adding more scallop rows before. I want to make some more but don't quite get to it. I think 2 more sets of the scallop will look just fine. I would go for it. Another idea is to add different colors to each set of the scallop. Just a thought.
Well, I can't wait to see how it look!

Have a wonderful evening,


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