Confused about a set up row for a baby blanket


Garter stitch border Cast on 106 st
rows 1-15 knit

set up cable panels, garter st side borders and st st panels
Inc on this next row to transition smoothly from garter st to cable st.

set up row ws - inc 6 k8 and continue with pattern. Does this mean increase after border . the border starts with K8 so I am confused.
the pattern is Malabrigo Luxe bably blanket. hope you can help.


Hi, I saw the photo of the baby blanket. The instruction you posted is not very clear to me either. From looking at the picture closely, I can see the garter st borders should be performed first and last on each row. I would do k8, then purl to the last 8 sts and at the same time inc 6 sts envenly thoughtout this row, and then k8. You should end up with 112 sts. If this doesn't work out, please let the deaigner know. I'm sure she doesn't mind answering your question.

Thanks for visiting and submitting your question.
Happy knitting!

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