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How To Increase Stitches - Knitting Pattern Help

I'm knitting a table cloth. The pattern asked to make yo, k2. The last row I did was 48 stitches and I need to get to 72 sts. How do I do that with the example explained above.


Hi Knitter,

The pattern asked for "yo, k2".
At the beginning of an increasing row you will do "yarn over" or "yo" by bringing the working yarn into the front of work as to purl. Then you knit a stitch while the yarn is still in front of work. You have to bring yarn over the right needle in order to knit that first stitch. Then you knit the next stitch normally. Repeat yarn over, k 2 sts to the end. Each yarn over will create an extra stitch and that should give you 72 sts at the end of the row.

See example of YO, K1 Here.

I hope this helps answer your question. Good luck with your table cloth.

Thanks for the question.

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