Glam Girl Ruffle Skirt - customising length and waist.

Glam Girl Ruffle Skirt

Glam Girl Ruffle Skirt


Hi Ratcha,

I bought the said pattern, but now don't know where to start to make this for my 15 yo daughter. She is a 30" waist, and she would like it 17" long. We have bought 4.50mm X 200cm circular needles. I don't know what the wool weights are that are described in the pattern (sports weight?) but have bought 2x189m balls of 8 ply acrylic, plus 2 balls of ruffle yarn.Is this going to work for us?! We would love to have advice as to how many stitches to cast on, as we are keen to start the project. Many thanks - love the pattern! J and M


Hi J and M,

Thank you for buying our pattern.
The 8 ply acrylic yarn would work but it won't be enough for this size. It's going to need one more ball at lease. The ruffle yarn should be plenty.

The needle gauge will work but the length is too long. I would recommend circular needles with a length between 26-30 inches (approx 66-70cm).

Before you start, knit a small swatch just to see how many sts in an inch or two. You can do this by CO 15-20 sts and knit stockinette st for 4-5 rows. Lay the piece on a flat surface and use measuring tape to measure number of sts in 2 inches. Then divide that number by 2 to get yarn gauge per inch. The result will be your magic number. Multiply your magic number with the waist length and you will get the CO number.

Your daughter waist is 30", so you multiply this by your magic number and you'll get the CO Sts.
Everything else should be pretty much the same, except the length of the skirt. You can keep adding layer after layer until it is about a few inches less than desired length and then cast off.

I will email you a link to make sure that it gets to you. If you have more question, you can email me directly.


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