How to add a hood to an exiting sweater pattern

by Anonymous

I need to add a hood to a ladies jumper that does not have a hood in the pattern, can you please advise as to wether I should do a rib around the neck first or cast on stitches and if so how far from the sleeve top seam should it be?

Ratcha's Answer

Hi, Thanks for asking. I'm not really an expert on making a hood. I had knitted a baby sweater with a hood once and that about it.

Most of patterns with hoods suggest knitting the hoods by picking up stitches along the neck edges.
You can also knit a hood separately from the body and attach it later. Here is an example of knitting a hood on Youtube. Either ways I think it should work fine.

I've Googled around and came up with some interesting posts concerning "adding a hood" on a sweater. You might want to take a look at them. I hope this will give you some ideas for adding a hood to your lady jumper.

Adding A Hood to A Sweater by

How to add hood to your sweater

If anyone else had any suggestion to this question, please feel free to add your comment.

Thank you.

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