Fantastic 3-Color Pot Holders - Wonder What Your Kitchen Will Say!

Description: 2 different looks of square pot holders with the same basic pattern using worsted weight yarn.  The pattern requires a combination of 3 different colors of yarns to created a nice thickness and a unique look.  The pad is thick enough to handle hot items without adding backing or lining.  You're certainly can do whichever way you want.  

Finished measurement: about 9 x 9 inches

Gauge: 4.5 st / inch ( not very important )

Skills level: Intermediate

These 3-color pot holders are perfect little projects for left over yarns.  Find yarns with the same gauge to create a uniform look.  Personally, I like to use darker yarn for the main part (background) in contrast to lighter accent colors.  It makes the pattern pops out better.

I have two different ways of making the borders - one with multicolor and the other with one color.  I love the look of the one-color border but it a little more difficult than the multicolor-border one.

3 color-pot holders in vibrant yarns

Available in PDF Click Here To Download


1. Worsted weight yarns in color A, B and C  (preferable wool due to fire resistant property).  One 50 g ball will be plenty.

2. Knitting needle size 8 US (5mm)

3. Row counter

4. Stitch markers

3-Colors Ladders Pattern

Multiple of 4 sts + 3

Row 1 (right side): Using B k3, *sl 1, k3; rep from * to end.

Row 2: Using B k3, *yf, sl 1, yb, k3; rep from * to end.

Row 3: Using A k1, sl1, *K3, sl 1; rep from * to last st, k1.

Row 4: Using A p1, sl 1, *p3, sl 1; rep from * to last st, p1.

Row 5: Using C work as row 1.

Row 6: Using C work as row 2.

Row 7: As row 3.

Row 8: As row 4.

Repeat row 1-8.

Knitting Abbreviation

yf = bring yarn to the front of work

sl 1 = slip one

yb = bring yarn to the back of work

Pattern #1: Multicolor Border Pot Holder

CO 41 sts using A and knit 2 rows. Change to C and knit 2 rows. Change to A and knit 2 rows.

Work the pattern (3-Color Ladder Pattern) starting with row 1 while maintaining the garter st border as follow;

To create garter stitch border on each side of work, knit 3 sts before and after the 3-Color Ladder Pattern on each row. Place a stitch marker after the first 3 sts and before the last 3 sts as reminders.  Using the same color of yarn as the pattern for each row.

Work until piece measures about an inch less than the width of the piece.  Then k 2 rows with A, k 2 rows with C and k 2 rows with A. Bind off (knitwise) loosely.

If you wanted to add a little loop at one end of the pad, you can make an i-cord by;

Pick up 3 sts at the corner of the piece.

row 1: Sl 1, k2.

row 2: Sl 1, p2.

Repeat these 2 rows until desired length.  BO and attach it to the same corner where the i-cord begins to make loop for hanging.

Pattern For One-Color Border Pot Holder

pot holder with purple border

I think this one-color border pot holder is a little bit trickier than the other one because I had to keep my border in the same color and it involved twisting yarn to preventing the gaps. 


CO 41 sts using A. K 6 rows.

Work 3 sts garter border (knit all rows) in color A before and after the pattern.  Twist border yarn with other yarns every time when changing colors to prevent gaps. Use Stitch marker to mark the first and last 3 sts.  You will need to attach yarn A (border yarn) on the left side border so that you have it available at all time.

Work the 3-color Ladder pattern stating with row 1 while keeping the borders in garter st pattern and in A.  Work until piece is about an inch less than its width, then knit 6 rows in A.  BO knitwise loosely.  

Making a loop as the 1st pattern if preferred.  Now you're done!

Double-Thick Pot Holder

I was just curious how the pot holder would look and feel like with another plain knitted pad the other side.  Well, now I know. It was very thick and it sure will great to handle any hot oven stuff.

This is just a free hand knitting, I made up the pattern as I knit.  If you're interested you can try it out.

Direction (read before begin)

You'll need a set of 5 dpn (double pointed needles) US size # 8 (5mm) and worsted weight yarn.

With right side facing, pick up and knit 40 sts off each side of the finished square.  You will now have 40sts each on needle #1,2,3 and 4. (160 sts total)

Start working in round starting from needle #1 through #4 as follows;

Rnd 1: Purl.

Rnd 2: Knit.

Rnd 3: Needle #1 K2tog, k to the last 2 sts of the needle, sl 1, k1, psso. Do the same with needle #2, #3 and #4.

Rep rnd 3 until there are 4 sts left.  Cut yarn leaving 8 inches tail and thread it through these last 4 sts. Weave end behind work.

** note: If you find decreasing every row creates too much tension, you can add a knit row every once in awhile to ease it off.  This depends on your knitting tension and yarn.

Knitting Abbreviation

sl = slip

psso = pass the slip st over

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