Heart Dishcloth/washcloth Knitting Pattern

This dishcloth is an unexpected project that I just came up last minute.  My anthropologist husband is on his way to a 2-weeks road trip to Idaho. He wants to do some more research on his ancestors who came to America during the pioneer time.  There are so many fascinating history he've fond and this motivates him to turn this into a book!   It's a long story but anyway he wanted to stop and pick up a photo book at my sister-in-law's place to take it on a trip.  We haven't seen her and her husband for over a year.  So I came up with this dishcloth idea the day before he left.  I wanted something simple but with some meaningful thought to it.  So, the heart was born!  Nothing is more perfect than sending a heart to someone your love and care, right?  It's a bit odd colors of green and purple but that what I have in my stash.  I'm sorry I didn't measure the length before it left home but I would say it's around 8x8"


Let's get to the Heart Dishcloth Pattern

The pattern itself is not hard but if you haven't done picture knit before you might find it pretty challenging.  I wish I had a video to show you how you change yarn colors and wrap them around each other on the back side.  But, rest assure.  I have seen other knitters make the video about this.  I will try to find one to link it here for you at the end of this page.

Here is what you need to make this dishcloth.

1. A ball of worsted cotton yarn in color of your choice for a main part. I used kitchen cotton by lion brand.

2. Left over worsted cotton yarn in contrast color for the heart shape.

3. Knitting needle US #8 (5mm).

4. Scissors to trim.

5. Big eye needle to weave tails behind work.

Direction for Knitting Heart Dishcloth

Cast on 35 st with main color.  Knit seed st for 7 rows (knit the purl st and purl the knit st.  The first row, do k1,p1, and repeat them to the end).  Continue the seed sts at the first 5 sts at the beginning and the last 5 sts at the end of each row.  Please refer to a chart below.   Keeping the  main part in stockinette st until you complete row 15.  Use the chart to follow a heart pattern and add a new color to your work to create a heart shape.  Main things you need to keep in mind are the seed st border and twisting the two yarns before and after knitting the heart.  It might sound a little complicated but I know you can do it.  Please give it a try.  Follow the chart diagram until you complete.  Then cut yarn and hind any tails you find.  Block piece and enjoy!

See a video on how to change color and twist yarn in picture (intarsia) knit below

Knitting Chart for dishcloth

Knitting Symbols

Blank space is knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side.

Dot (.) is to purl on the right side and knit on the wrong side.

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