How do I change colors of yarn in knitting?


How do I change colors of yarn in knitting?


This depends on what kind of knitting you do. If you are knitting a stripe pattern using different colors in rows then you can just attach a new color at the beginning of a row. You can do a cross tie and then weave the ends in when your work is done or you can do a loop and knit both strains of yarns together as shown in this video below;

How to add yarn or change colors while knitting

If you're doing picture knitting or intarsia, you can add color yarn right where you need it. Leave enough tail at the beginning to weave in later.

Here is a video showing How to change color in intarsia knitting.

These are just some examples I want to show you. There are many more on

Thanks for the question and I hope this helps answer your question.


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