Help with knitting pattern


I have a pattern and I can't read the below instruction:

Your help in explaining what I should do would be greatly appreciated.


Hello knitter,

Actually, this pattern is not as complicated as it looks. All those numbers in parenthesis are pertaining to different sizes of the pattern. You will only go by the number of your choosen size.

For example: the pattern above reads "P1(3,7,4,0,4)", you will only need to purl just one st if the size you picked was the smallest one (the one outside parenthesis). Do the same with the rest of the pattern;

This one you would {p2tog, p3} 11 times. and..

would be p 1. 46 sts total.

To make it a little clearer for both of us to see, I crossed out the numbers I do not need to see. See below;

So your pattern in a shorter form will look like this;

P1,{P2tog,P3} 11 times,P1.46 sts.


Another example: If I choose my size with the first number in the parethesis, It will be like this;

The shorter pattern will look like this;

P3,{P2tog,P3}11times,P1.48 sts.


One more example: If I choose my size that is the 2nd number inside the parenthesis, my pattern would be like this;

The shorter pattern will be this;


I hope this helps and I don't confuse you too much. I have to use {} symbols instead of the brackets because they didn't show up on the page for some reason.

My advice is to use a pencil to circle your numbers, so that you don't forget it. The pattern should tell you what sizes those letters refer to e.g. small, medium, large and so forth.

Thanks for the question and good luck with your knitting.


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