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How To P1-YO-P1 Into The Same YO st of Previous Row - Lacey Knitting Pattern Question

by Jody

p1 yo p1 into the same st

p1 yo p1 into the same st


Row one: k1,yo,* k5 loosely,(lhn tip, pull 2nd st. from tip of rhn over the 1st on rhn and off the needle) four times, yo: rep from *....

Second row: p1: *p1-yo-p1 all into the same yo st of previous ro, p1: rep from *

My question is this: How do you do the second row...all into the yo st of the previous row?

Thank you, Jody



Hi Jody,

Thank you for the question. I tried my best answering your question in the video below. I hope this will help you with your project. Like I said, I really love the look of it after I knitted the first row. What is it that you're knitting? Look like it's going to be very pretty!

You can go to this video link to watch a bigger video on Youtube or watch it from video below.

Happy Knitting,


Video on how to make p1-yo-p1 into the same st.

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