Knitting Help - Need help with picking up stitches

by Stephanie

My pattern I'm working says I'm to Join the pieces A, B, C. I think that means to stitch them together.

It then tells me to pick up and knit 73 sts. across the top and knit 10 rows. Then repeat this step for the bottom.
Then it says to pick up and knit 124 sts. across the side and knit 10 rows. Then repeat this step for the other side.

I'm not sure how to work the sts I have to pick up and knit or which side is which. help please.


Hi Stephanie,

Can you tell me more about the pattern? Are you knitting a vest or some kind of top with an opening in the front? It sounded to me like you have to sew the left and right front pieces to the back piece. Then pickup and knit 73 sts across the top for 10 rows to form a neck band.

I'm not sure why you will only have pick up and knit only 73 sts. at the bottom. (see how to pick up stitches links below) If you're knitting a vest, this part doen't make sense to me.

Please give me more detail of the pattern and I'll be happy to help you out.

Here are some good examples of how to pick up stitches along neck line and front band.

How to pick up stitches on YouTube

Thank you for your question and hope to hear from you soon.


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