Problem with Half Fisherman's Stitch (Rib)

by Nancy

Double Needle Cast On

Double Needle Cast On

Question: I'm new to this stitch, and trying the pattern at

My problem is that one side of the dishcloth always comes out longer than the other. The problem is when the "Row 2" side is facing me, when I start the K1, knit through stitch below, purl, etc. That corner always turns out longer and I can't figure out why.

I've watched several videos and I know I'm doing the pattern right . . . but what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.

Nancy in TX


Hello Nancy,

I tried to access the link above to see the half fisherman's stitch (rib) pattern, but it wasn't available any longer.

I've never knitted Half Fisherman's stitch before but I have done the Fisherman's stitch. The fisherman's stitch I worked with was very stretchy. The body always turn out looking wider than the beginning and the end. It's the same problem with The Half Fisherman's stitch, because many stitches are let loose (when we knit into stitch below, the top stitch will get looser.)

I can figure out what seem to be the problem either. Maybe the problem is with the pattern itself. How about try using two needles or double size needle to cast on. This will make the beginning edge more looser. Do the
same thing with binding off.

I knitted a sample of Half Fisherman's stitch with double needle cast on and the results are in the picture above. My wool is little bit uneven, but it turned out okay. I watched Judy's video below.

Keep trying, Nancy. I'm sure you'll get it. Wish you the best!



Jan 09, 2012
Link work now
by: Ratcha

Hi Nancy,

I went back and tried the link; again and it worked. It went right to the download page.

The pattern is in the fisherman's rib stitch, so what I knitted in previous photo (half fisherman's rib) was different pattern than the one you are working on.)

Do you want to try this Fishermann's rib instead?


Jan 09, 2012
Half Fisherman Stitch
by: Nancy

I just tried the link at again, and it worked just fine for me. I copied & pasted it.

I watched several videos on the half fisherman stitch, but Judy's was the most confusing. When it says to K1B, Judy seems to pick up only one strand (and she picks it up from the SIDE), instead of knitting into the hole formed by the old stitch, thereby knitting two strands.

If I can't get the hang of this stitch, I'll have to use another for my next prayer shawl. :P

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