The directions say to join and place marker. What does join mean?

by Karen
(Morganton North Carolina)

Question: I'm using two colors of yarn however I do not read where I will cast on the other yarn. Should it not say to cast on the other color or is that what "join" means?


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the question. So far, I have come across two meanings of the word "join" in knitting. One is to join cast on stitches in round when knitting in round using circular needle. Another is to attach or join a new skein of yarn to indicated area such as when working with both sides of neck edges at once or when working with different colors of yarn.

In your case, the direction should have state where to join yarn and which yarn to join. A lot of time instructions aren't clear and leave out a lot of simple thing.

I hope this helps.

Happy knitting,


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