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Welcome to the knitting blog, a place where you can get an update information on

I update this site regularly with new knitting information, patterns and sometimes visitors contribute new contents as well.

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Jan 23, 2020

picking up stitches

what does it mean when it says pick up 41 stitches evenly along right side of neck 42 stitches from 50 cast of stitches at back of neck and 41 stitches

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Jan 19, 2020

Deciphering a knitting instruction

What does work 15 garter sts, 90 sts ST st, l5 garter sts mean?

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Jan 19, 2020

Bertie Bassett Knitting Pattern. The Body section of the pattern.

Hi, I'm knitting Bertie Bassett and I'm on the body section of the pattern.The Pattern Reads: *K first st on needle together with corresponding st from

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Jan 18, 2020

Sirdar pattern 5294

Not sure how to complete pattern - says to “insert right hand needle through 3rd 2nd and 1st sts on left hand needle and k1 yfwd k1” struggling to work

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Jan 18, 2020

7 central stitches on a holder

I have been told in the instructions to put 7 central stitches on a holder and then - cast off 3 stitches at beg of next and foll alt row twice, work

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Jan 18, 2020

how to repeat

Pattern reads as follows: Cast off 1 stitch at beginning of next two rows. Work 2 rows straight. Next row: K2, sl 1, k1, psso, k to last 4 sts, k2tog,

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Jan 16, 2020

work in pattern

If your first row is a pattern row and the 2nd row say work in pattern does this mean you repeat the 1st row.

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Jan 16, 2020

How to MARK a row with a coloured thread in knitting pattern

Hi I'm a beginner at knitting.I'm knitting a Bertie Bassett and stuck on the body r19. The pattern says r19: knit ( mark this row with a colored thread

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Jan 15, 2020

Counting rows

It says repeat row 8 and 9 5 more times. Does this mean both rows so 10 rows or just 5 more rows?

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Jan 13, 2020

Don't understand what to do after row 12.

Pattern provides clear instructions for 1-12 rows, then says; Next (dec) row (rs) P2, ssp,p,to last 4 sets, p2tog,p2,-2 sets dec'd. Rep dec row every

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Jan 13, 2020

Increasing a sweater sleeve

My instructions say to inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and 00:2:8:11 foll 4th rows, then on every foll 6th row. My size is 8. Am I increasing at the 3rd and

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Jan 12, 2020

How to work with yfwd

How to k1. YFWD. K1 under 4 loose strands of dropped YFWD.

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Jan 12, 2020

How to work increased sts in both ends ofpattern

I have a 8 row pattern that I have to work inc stitch into. I am struggling 1st row. K1* yfwd,k2togtbl,k1 k2tog yfwd k1 to end Next and every alternative

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Jan 10, 2020


I am using Arlo's Christmas Stocking pattern 2013. I cannot figure this out: Heel (RS) k1 (1st st of pair) correct mount of the YO(slip the YO purlwise,

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Jan 10, 2020

How do I knit these stitches

I have never been so confused in all my life. I am at the point where I am doing the BOTTOM-LEFT CORNER. I do not understand what to do with the - stitch

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Jan 10, 2020

Need help to understand pattern

I am finishing a project my mom was busy with before she passed away and I battle to understand the pattern for the sleeves. Managed up till now after

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Jan 10, 2020

confused about pattern instuction

9th rd P1 K1 M1 rib 133 m1 K2 P1 TWICE WORKING Stitches in Stockinette stitch, work 3 rounds straight INC in this same way on next round and 2 following

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Jan 05, 2020

How do I knot right

What is the difference between knot 3 sts right nad knot 3 sts right over next 3 sts?

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Jan 03, 2020

Read pattern and how do the stitch

I can knit and purl. I can read a pattern but if I don't know how to do the stitch how could I follow a pattern? I hope I didn't make this too confusing

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Jan 03, 2020

Struggling with pattern directions on knitting booties

After I get done with the ribbing it says instep - change to larger needles. Row 1 ( right side): Work across 15 sts, slip 15 sts just worked onto st

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