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Knitting Instructions Blog

Welcome to the knitting blog, a place where you can get an update information on

I update this site regularly with new knitting information, patterns and sometimes visitors contribute new contents as well.

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Jan 19, 2021

adding a shawl collar on a sweater

After sewing the shoulder seams, I'm adding the shawl collar to a kids sweater. The pattern says with circular needles, pickup 33 stitches on the right

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Jan 19, 2021

Making up my knitting into a jumper

I have 2 old knitting patterns for jumpers and they both say don’t press before making up the jumper, why is that?

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Jan 19, 2021

lace pattern multiples

How do I work a lace pattern (multiples 7+3) over 108 stitches? The pattern is *K3, YO, SSK, K2tog, YO repeat from * to last 3 sts. Next row is *K1, P1,

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Jan 16, 2021

decreasing at neck edge: alt rows vs every 2nd row

The instructions are dec 1 stitch at neck edge...on alt rows AND AT THE SAME TIME cast off stitches at beg of 2nd row. I am confused between alternating

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Jan 16, 2021

Sirdar pattern 4881 question

Beginning the first row after stocking stitch. I am using the 5th size ( so it is 4 in the bracket) It reads, K3(1:0:3:3:3)(yfwd,S1,k1,psso,k2) 1 (1:0:0:1:1)

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Jan 15, 2021

Decrease stitch technique

The pattern instructions says k3 then work the first st over the 2st This sounds like a bind off stitch. This row does need a decrease in the pattern

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Jan 15, 2021

Ribbing on a Vneck

Having a hard time putting the ribbing on a v-neck raglan sleeve sweater. There are 3 sets of stitches on holders with balls of yarn attached (Sleeves

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Jan 15, 2021

Knitting Supplies and Tools For Beginners

Important knitting supplies beginners must have to start knitting.

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Jan 15, 2021

Slip a stitch knit wise or purl wise

Hello. Thank you for your help. My pattern reads: Sl1, k3 (sl1wyif,k1) to last 5 stitches, sl1wyif, k4 Sl1, k3 (p1, sl1wyib) to last 5 stitches; p1,

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Jan 15, 2021

How to start this project

Hello How would I do the following to start a new project I’m eager to start ? Cast on 3 sts, knit 8 rows, pick up 7 sts from one side of rows, and

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Jan 15, 2021

Colourwork Charts

Hi I am new to colour work knitting and have a question please. The patttern says “ starting with a RS row, work 1 20-st repeat of the colourwork chart

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Jan 15, 2021

What does "work 4 rows" mean

I am in the middle of a pattern so far mainly garter stitch then using 2 different yarns on a 4 row pattern. My next instruction is to use just one yarn

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Jan 15, 2021

How do i Decrease 1 st on neck edge every other row in a 2x2 rib

Please help me !! I've been knitting a jumper and I asked you a previous question back in September which was very helpful but im stuck again :( I've been

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Jan 10, 2021

Slanted brioche rib

I am knitting a jumper on circular needles, starting from top down. After finishing the brioche rib on the body, I finished the rib very slanted. Can

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Jan 10, 2021

Decreases in 9th and following 4th rows?

What does it mean as not sure how many rows to skip before performing the decrease again? Pattern reads: Cont in stocking st, dec 1 st each end of needle

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Jan 10, 2021

Double Strands VS single strand

Hi, I have a pattern for knitted shrug. The pattern says to use worsted weight yarn and to knit with double strands. I want to knit with single strands.

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Jan 10, 2021

Shape Neck

Could you please explain this for me: Bind off center 14sts. Working each side of the neck separately, at each neck edge, bind off 3 sts once, 2 sts once

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Jan 08, 2021

how to make the dishcloth size smaller .

I find that 41 stiches is too many & make the dishcloth (pattern # 3 Little Arrow Head pattern) too big . How do I change the stiches in the pattern to

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Jan 05, 2021

Knitting pattern

Working a shawl pattern asks for in bold K1 and right after K3 or 5 etc why bold K1 and not just include the stitch with the following knit stitch

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Jan 03, 2021

Decrease on very TWO alternate rows

My pattern says “decrease on every TWO ALTERNATE ROWS” . I understand every alternate row but its the EVERY TWO ALTERNATE that is confusing me. Do I knit

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