Yoke Increase in a top down sweater

by Eileen

yoke sweater (illustration only, not pertaining to the question)

yoke sweater (illustration only, not pertaining to the question)

I am knitting a top-down sweater from an older magazine... January 2008. For the yoke to increase it says:
k 11...*M1 in top of the stitch below RH needle, place marker, M1 in the stitch below LH needle* ...k12....repeat * to * once, k19...repeat * to * once k12, repeat * to * once, k 11. (8 sts increased). There is then a purl row...and this increase that started with 65 stitches ends at 305 stitches after 20 increase rows. I have calculated and calculated and have found that the numbers do not add up for me. I am out by 4 stitches in each row but do not know for sure where to make the additional stitches that are not called for but needed to reach 305 in 20 increased rows. HELP! thank you


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Apr 14, 2024
yoke increase in a top down sweater
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Eileen,

It is impossible to add 8 sts per row over 20 increased rows to get 305 sts. That's the fact. The only way this will work out is to increase 12 sts per row like you said (4 sts short). So, to do this, you have to M1 3 times at each increase area. Make sure to spread them evenly.

I don't know if this will work out or not. It depends on how it will look, I think. I can't think of a better way.

Thanks for asking though. Maybe someone else has another suggestion.


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